About Us

Humble Beginnings:

Voltron Motors is an All-American story with humble beginnings. A couple with little more than a dream and a talented mechanic, Will and Mersedeh Williams began offering custom jeep assembly out of their home garage. With demand increasing at an unexpected rate, they quickly outgrew their modest facilities and moved into an official production plant, hiring more techs and starting to implement processes for efficiency.


Fate Conspired:

Not long after, the curators for the movie Fast & Furious 8 discovered these beautiful works of art and insisted upon having two builds sent to the set in Atlanta to appear in the film. Amongst what could be considered the finest collection of motor vehicles in the world, it was two Jeeps that caught the attention of co-star Tyrese Gibson’s eye. And had the vehicles not been pre-sold, Tyrese would have purchased the aptly named “Full Metal Jacket” and this would be the end of the story.

Blood, Sweat & Tears:

Instead, Tyrese and Will would collaborate over the next several months, staying up until the late hours of the night, incessantly pouring their hearts into a new design vision. Once completed, The Voltron Rebel Jeep was a sight to behold! The two realized that it shouldn't be kept a secret, in fact, a design like this must be shared with the world. So the two worked on an agreement to offer the Voltron Rebel Jeep as a stand-alone brand.

The Reveal:

Having outgrown a second facility, Tyrese brought his production crew to the new plant for a live reveal of the Jeep and to film the promotional video. After getting a chance to experience the quality in design and the Jeep-builders passionate commitment to excellence, Tyrese decided on the spot that this is something he wanted to be a part of.

“For 15 years, I’ve been part of the world’s two largest car movie franchises in Fast & Furious and Transformers. I’ve been approached by some of the biggest car companies to work together, but I was never moved to action until I was inspired by The Rebel.” - Tyrese Gibson

A New Beginning

Voltron Motors was officially formed, and with Tyrese as a visionary and leader, the mission became increasingly clear; Put a dent in the automotive universe! It was in that moment that three pillars were established for the company:

  1. Be recognized as an industry leader in design
  2. Redefine the consumer car-buying experience
  3. Become a Force for Good
Shifting Gears

It was decided that the most effective and efficient way to achieve these results was to partner with a small network of Luxury Auto Dealers with aligned interests and established customer service infrastructure. A shift in strategy from direct sales to channel development was implemented. This would allow regional dealers the opportunity to both carry an inventory of Voltron Motor’s line-up and offer a custom one-of-one option for those clients looking for a completely unique design.

The Off-Road Ahead:

A new line of “non-Jeep” vehicles are currently under concept development that integrates the unique Voltron Motors-style with some of the most well-known vehicles in the world.

The Jeep is a unique vehicle as it evokes emotion about the adventures you can have. The Point A to Point B mentality is cold and calculated, but stories are told about the journey down the road less traveled. The vision you create is unique, and so too will be the adventures you enjoy!

What will be your adventure? Will you blend in or stand out as a Rebel?


I get so much attention on that jeep, it's unbelievable!

By Larry Ruder 18th Oct 2016


We couldn't have asked for a more perfect jeep!

By Jennifer Dent 18th Oct 2016


I think your interiors destroys what they're doing!

By Steve Wayne 18th Oct 2016