3 Types of Solar Lights


Solar lights are among the exterior home décor implements that are enjoying immense popularity. Their popularity stemmed from the fact that aside from providing beautiful lights in any type of setting, they do not require any maintenance cost, nor do they increase your monthly electricity bill because they get their power from a natural source, the sun.

One of the common misconceptions about solar lights is that they possess the same circular shape and emit a white glow. On the contrary, solar lights have artistic designs that would surely enhance the gorgeousness of your landscaped garden. Examples of this are solar rock lights whose color and textures blend well with the aesthetics of your landscaped garden. In fact, solar rock lights really do like real rocks, albeit equipped with an advanced solar technology, which allows them to emit a wonderful glow.

3 Popular Types of  Solar Lights

Solar Rock Lights

These beautiful pieces of lights can be placed inconspicuously in a yard or garden, without drawing much attention since they would appear as pieces of rocks during the day. However, when it starts to get dark, these solar rock lights would emit a wonderful glow and cast lovely colors on the surrounding area. Other solar rock lights feature strong spotlights that can project light onto a particular area such as a pathway or any structure in the backyard. This brightens up the area, as well as making the illuminated portion more beautiful.

Since solar rock lights are made from a textured plastic body, it is hard to tell them apart from regular and natural rocks. In addition, its body is finished with a beautiful rock-like color with varying hues to simulate a real rock. Since this color-finish is extremely durable, it can protect the rock from the harsh weather conditions for extended periods of time, making it look and feel like the same as if you just took it out of the box.

The only difference with solar rock lights from regular rocks is probably the way its bottom is evened out to ensure that it will not roll away. They also have high intensity LED lights that are clustered to form one single light source. The solar panel is inconspicuously placed at the top portion of the solar rock lights, enabling them to gather the sun’s energy without being noticed by a casual onlooker. The energy that it was able to gather is stored in heavy-duty batteries, enabling the rock solar lights to glow beautifully for more than eight hours a night.

I needed a natural looking lighting implement to put in my garden and these solar rock lights are just perfect. They look like real rocks, which enabled me to put them alongside natural rocks. During the night, they automatically lit up, casting wonderful colors on my garden, giving it an absolutely heavenly look. I love the way they enhance the beauty of my surroundings, which is why I definitely recommend that you get these solar rock lights to amplify the gorgeousness of your surroundings.

Westinghouse Solar Lights

Westinghouse solar lights are the leading the pack of garden illumination implements available in the market today. Because its name is synonymous with quality, durability, and great features, Westinghouse solar lights remain very popular among landscape enthusiasts all over the world. This is why it is generally perceived as the perfect lighting solution for any outdoor area, whether for your security needs or for beautification purposes.

There are many types of Westinghouse solar lights and Dorian solar lights, Morgan solar lights, and Tear Drop low voltage landscape lights. While it is true that each of them has unique and distinct characteristics, it does not negate the fact that they are indeed gorgeous additions to your garden, whether it is daytime or nighttime.

In the case of Westinghouse Dorian solar lights, it incorporates an innovative design that allows one solar powered natural Nichia LED bulb that has the ability to illuminate a ground area, in the same way, a five watts incandescent bulb would. Its bronze finish is a perfect elegant accent to any outdoor setting.

This Westinghouse solar light model includes state of the art fixed amorphous solar panel and a 600MAh lithium battery. This is actually a perfect combination in a sense that its solar panels can gather energy even from just the smallest amount of sunlight, while its heavy-duty batteries store them efficiently for later use, giving you a truly beautiful illumination extending up to many hours.

Its stainless steel construction is so durable that it can withstand even the harshest weather condition. Its aluminum ground stake allows you to easily install it in any part of your garden. Just drive the stake to the ground and the solar light is all set to go. The seven-inch by twenty inches measurement of these Westinghouse Dorian solar lights are just about the perfect size to provide your garden with the most beautiful illumination during the night and perfect garden ornaments during the day.

I was in the process of looking for Westinghouse solar lights to put in my garden when I chanced upon its Dorian solar light model. I bought eight units of the Dorian model and installed them in my newly landscaped garden. These exquisite Westinghouse Dorian solar lights were made of finest materials with a finish that fits perfectly with the elegant setting in my garden. Its natural white Nichia LED bulb illuminates a three-foot area around the pole, generating an ambiance that anyone would surely love. I really loved the way my Westinghouse solar lights transformed my garden, giving it a dreamlike beauty that I definitely recommend them to all garden enthusiasts out there.

Stainless Steel Solar Lights

The arrival of new generation stainless steel solar lights has ushered in a lot of possibilities when designing the landscape of your garden. It has enabled garden enthusiasts to decorate their garden without the hassle and fear of tangling with electrical cabling that can pose a serious threat. More than their functionality, however, is the alluring look that each stainless steel solar lights possess, giving your landscaped garden an elegant look day and night.

The wonderful stainless steel construction of these particular types of solar lights has efficient designs that enable them to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are extremely resistant to rust and corrosions, thus making them perfect outdoor implements. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised to see them looking exactly the way they were when you took them out of the box even after a year of prolonged exposure to varying weather conditions outdoors.

Another great thing about the stainless steel solar lights is that their surface has the ability to reflect the area around it. Added to this, their wonderful shapes provide that kind of accent that you would only see in high-end garden landscape architecture. The measurement of these stainless steel solar lights is just perfect and snuggles in nicely with the plants in your garden, without hampering the view of your exquisite greeneries and flowers growing in your garden.

Their solar panels are made of highly efficient solar cells that could capture energy even from the slightest hint of sunlight. These solar panels are then inconspicuously placed at the top cover of the stainless steel solar lights to enable them to gather energy while partially hidden from casual view efficiently. The heavy-duty batteries found on these types of solar garden lights have the capacity to store converted energy for more than eight hours, thus ensuring that you will fully enjoy the beautiful and alluring illumination they will give to your garden at nighttime.

Their main sources of illumination are white LED lights that have a much longer lifetime than any incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. With these LED lights having an average life of more than ten years if you leave them on for approximately twelve hours a day, you can be sure that your garden will be the object of praise and admiration by your friends and neighbors.

I bought a couple of ultra bright garden stainless steel solar lights from Gardman two years ago and installed them in my garden. At first, I thought nothing could surpass the beauty of my garden just the way it is. However, when I installed these Gardman stainless steel solar lights in different areas, I was profoundly mesmerized by the alluring effect they gave to the area. It was absolutely marvelous that I immediately proceeded to buy a couple more. I am so happy with these stainless steel solar lights that I absolutely urge you to buy a couple to

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