5 Essential Windshield Care Tips


Windshield are not just designed to give a great look to your car.No,they have a very critical purpose besides its conventional one of making your car look aesthetically beautiful. At times a car might experience a great impact,and without the windshield the whole roof will crave down.In other instances where you unfortunately experience a head-on collision, windshield prevent you or the entire front passengers from flying outside.

Despite windshields playing such an important safety role, we do not pay attention to it unless it is damaged. Windshields are important as any other part of a car and therefore needs to be taken care of.Let us right away jump into windshield care tips that you need to aware of.

5 Essential Windshield Care Tips

1. Park in the Shade

Are you aware that parking your car in direct sunlight for long could devour its windshield? Windshields are not suppose to be subjected to high intensity of heat.Parking therefore in the shade will be a great favor to it as you will be reducing its odds of cracking easily.

2. Change the Wiper Blades Regularly

Wiper blades play an important role of wiping off the ice during winter seasons.However,damages or malfunctioned blades do not give the intended performance. They wipe partially and sometimes they may end up scratching the windshield if it runs at a high speed. Therefore,replacing them is not a choice but a necessity. The ultimate period needed to replace your wiper blades is approximately six months.Having a nice and well functioning blades will extend the life span of your windshield.

3. Do not Bang Your Door

People who find themselves late have a tendency of slamming the door in the name of saving a fraction of a second. Slamming the door does not mean your are saving any time ,it is even worse because it devour the windshield. When you bang the car door,the vibrations caused are extended to the windshield hence causing some minor cracks on it.

4. Choose the right cleaners to use

Never use ammonia based cleaners on your windshield,they destroy the tint. This is so because they are meant to clean home window glasses but not car windshields. Alcohol or vinegar are actually the best cleaners that are highly recommended for use with car windshields.

5. Repaired Small Chips Immediate

When a windshield is hit by a small stone,it leaves a small scratch and If not windshield repaired as soon as possible,the chip might end up spreading to a better part of the windshield.Make sure that you are repairing it immediately to lessen the damage that it might cause.


Your safety is very important. Neglecting the care and maintenance of windshield is like neglecting your own safety.Just as any other important part of the vehicle,windshields are very significant and needs to be handle with a lot of care. Always ensure that you maintain it clean and that the wiper blades are as well replaced periodically.

The aforementioned tips will definitely help you to maintain good care of your windshields. They are the basic guidelines that are mandatory if you really desire to effectively protect your windshields. Additionally, they increase its lifespan besides drastically reducing its risks of being devastated. Try it out today and you will thank me later.

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