10 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Surprisingly, the headlights are usually the last things motorists think about when they consider maintaining their vehicles. They take it for granted that their vehicles are fitted with the best halogen headlights which will always work.

Few people realize that as time goes by, headlights fade. They become dim and produce less light. Night driving becomes more stressful and hazardous as visibility diminishes.

Rather than blame the road conditions for your plight, consider that your headlights are not as bright and clear as they were in the beginning. It is time to replace your dim bulbs with a new one or better yet, upgrade to a high-performance halogen bulb. Your car will thank you for this.

Top 3 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs: Editor’s Pick

Halogen Headlight
Halogen Headlight Model
Editor's Rating
Philips 9006 CrystalVision Headlight
SYLVANIA 9006 Performance Halogen Headlight
PIAA 17655 H7 Xtreme High Performance Halogen Bulbs

Your car’s headlights are like your eyes.  They must be sharp, clear and capable of seeing all around. If you do not take care of them as you do take care of your eyes, they will fail you.

To avoid failure, it is a good idea to check your headlights periodically to ensure that they maintain the same brightness they came with. The reality is that headlights will decline and if left untreated, will fail and leave you in the dark. You don’t want that to happen to you.  Not at all!

Whether you aim to upgrade your vehicle’s headlight from the factory fitted standard bulb to a high-performance halogen bulb, or you wish to replace halogen bulbs that have grown dim, there is a halogen bulb here for you.

To avoid making a mistake in buying your next pair of halogen bulbs, it is a good practice to check reliable halogen headlight bulbs reviews to see what they recommend.  You can also see what these reviews are saying about how to select the right bulb.

You might also be constrained by what you can afford, although most of what is being offered on the market are quite reasonably priced. If you are concerned about other factors like durability, whiteness, and brightness, this buying guide gives points to consider when selecting your halogen bulb.

So, are you ready to see the best halogen headlight bulbs recommended for your vehicle?

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs Reviews:

Without further ado, here are what we consider to be the top 10 best halogen headlight bulbs currently on the market! These are in no particular order.

1. Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

Experience improved night driving with the Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra white headlight bulb. With this superior halogen headlight bulb, you don’t need to strain your eyes to see where you are going at nights. Made by Phillips who have been in the business of making the best halogen headlight bulbs for more than 100 years, these CrystalVision bulbs provide a brighter white light than your vehicle’s stock bulbs.

Not only does the CrystalVision bulb provide amazing white light at nights, but it also produces cool blue light during the day (thanks to its blue capped bulb). These halogen bulbs are also compliant with DOT standards. Indeed, they add style to your vehicle and are a perfect choice if you intend to personalize your vehicle’s appearance. Remember that these are high-performance bulbs that operate at higher burning temperatures, so they will not last as long as regular headlight bulbs. They are, however, an upgrade to regular bulbs that offer a longer beam with which you can see clearly.

Even die-hard car enthusiast will appreciate the intense light, extended beam, and full coverage these lights offer. These CrystalVision bulbs are perfect replacements for stock bulbs in any vehicle. For best results, always replace your headlight bulbs in pairs to achieve symmetric light beams from both bulbs. Also avoid touching the bulbs with your bare fingers when installing, instead use something like paper towels or gloves when handling.

Highlighted Features

  • CrystalVision bulbs provide white light that is bright;
  • They allow you to see farther and much clearer at nights;
  • The bulb’s one-of-a-kind blue cap produces a cool blue effect in the reflector of the headlamps during the day;
  • These bulbs add style to your vehicle, and are perfect replacements for stock bulbs that have gone dim over time;
  • Expect reliable performance from these high-quality halogen headlight bulbs that are sealed with the original equipment quality seal.

2. SYLVANIA 9006 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

With the SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra High-Performance Headlight bulb, you should expect a better night driving experience. Not only do these bulbs produce bright white light that you can see much farther down the road with, but they also much stronger beams than standard bulbs. Night driving need not be a frightening and stressful experience with these SYLVANIA high-performance headlight bulbs which are among the brightest halogen headlight bulbs on the market. Thanks to their specially designed filament, patented gas mixture, and lamp coating their light are brighter down the road, and the color temperature is close to a whiter light.

Although the SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra High-Performance halogen bulbs do not have a long lifespan – they burn out in less than a year – you can expect peak performance from them. Be prepared to replace these bulbs as they burn out. That said, these bulbs are offered at a reasonable cost, so you should not have to strain your budget to purchase or replace them.

The description of these bulbs indicates that the color temperature is 4100K. This color temperature places them toward the higher end of the spectrum toward white light. (Color temperature for lamps range from 2700K for yellow light to 6500K for blue light.) So, while these bulbs have a touch of yellow light, they are much whiter than the standard bulb. Replacing your bulbs is quick and easy – you can replace them within five minutes or thereabouts. It is a good idea when replacing halogen headlight bulbs to replace the pair at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • These headlight bulbs offer clearer visibility for the road because of their whiter light;
  • Easy to install – you can replace your bulbs in around five minutes;
  • They provide light for you to see the side of the road, as well as the road ahead, your ability to see at nights, is significantly improved;
  • These headlight bulbs are compatible with DOT guidelines and are legal for use on the road.

3. Philips X-treme Halogen Headlight Bulb

This set of halogen headlight bulbs unfortunately is not compatible with too many headlight bulb holders. They will only work for sizes H7 55W, DS3, H1 55W, and H4 60/55W. However, if these will work for you, you will get a significant outcome.

These bulbs have a distance up to 130 meters. They are incredibly simple to install. Additionally, they will create a white colored light that is centered, which will assist to widen your visibility. This is particularly helpful at night, and the beams are more uniform and concentrated.

The Philips bulbs can also help while traveling on lit roads. They are award-winning and will give you an essential sidelight that can help see animals or roadblocks on the side of the road.

Highlighted Features

  • Light beam up to 130 meters to see more of the road ahead
  • Up to 130% more light on the road when compared to standard bulbs
  • Philips gradient coating technology allows for a more powerful light
  • 3500K color temperature helps eyes focus and gives a more comfortable driving experience
  • Up to 450 hours lifetime
  • More safety to see potential hazards sooner
  • Road legal – ECE certified
  • High-precision coating
  • High-quality UV-quartz glass

4. GE Lighting 9006NHP/BP2 Nighthawk Platinum Halogen Replacement Bulb

Night time driving can be a pain if your headlights are dim and inadequate. With the GE Nighthawk Platinum Halogen Replacement Bulbs Drive, you can drive with confidence again. Compared with standard halogen headlight bulbs, the GE Nighthawk Platinum bulbs produce much more light – up to 90% more. Expect significantly improved visibility on the roads with these bright halogen bulbs from General Electric, the makers of the brightest halogen headlight bulbs in their supply.

One feature you would also love is the platinum colored tip and the blue skirted coat for an improved whiteness and better contrast.  Your vehicle will have a high-end premium look with these stylish headlight bulbs. So, to minimize the dangers of low visibility caused by poor road lighting, choose the GE Nighthawk Platinum Halogen Replacement Bulbs. They are also compliant with the Department of Transportation specifications.

You can easily install these halogen headlight bulbs yourself or get a professional to do it for you. Either way, your GE Nighthawk bulbs will provide stronger and whiter light for almost any vehicle model. If you own an older vehicle with dim headlights, the installation of these bulbs will be a significant upgrade. Owners of newer cars may wish to compare these GE Nighthawks with other halogen or LED bulbs for the best options on the market.

Your night vision is significantly improved with the GE Nighthawk Platinum headlight bulbs that are capable of producing up to 90 percent more light.

Highlighted Features

  • Bright, white light provides greater contrast and visibility on the road;
  • Legal for use on the road and are compliant with the Department of Transportation specifications;
  • Very easy to set up, just plug in and go – install within minutes.

5. SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

Here is another great option from the makers of the SYLVANIA line of halogen headlight bulbs. The SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe high-performance halogen headlight bulbs have been introduced on the market to add to the best halogen headlight bulbs available for motorists. What you will immediately notice after installation is how white the light is. The headlight design also adds style to your vehicle.

Not only are these headlights stylish, but they are also quite functional.  They provide enhanced visibility even under poor driving conditions. Expect a wider field of night vision with the intense beam of bright light offered by the SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe headlights. Furthermore, these halogen headlight bulbs are brighter than the OEM and stock headlights.

These high-quality SYLVANIA SilverStar halogen light bulbs have inspired cheap imitations that you must avoid. Carefully review credible halogen headlight bulbs reviews to find the genuine SilverStar headlight bulbs. For best results when upgrading your headlight bulbs or replacing burned out bulbs, ensure that you change the pair at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • These high-performance halogen light bulbs produce sharp and bright light;
  • The SYLVANIA SilverStar uses Xenon halogen gas technology that is unique to this brand;
  • Considered the best choice which offers value instead of using HID headlight bulbs;
  • Coat of Cobalt blue provides superior transmission of color and light;
  • These headlight bulbs also have the appearance of jewels thanks to their mirror top alloy coating;
  • They meet Department of Transportation standards and are legal for use on the road.

6. HELLA H4 100/80W High Wattage Bulb

Restore confidence in your night driving with the HELLA H4 High Wattage Bulb. Trust the makers of the HELLA products for the best halogen headlight bulbs available on the market. Before you buy a halogen headlight bulb from the distributors of the HELLA line, make sure to check whether your vehicle’s wattage is compatible with the bulb you intend to buy. Not only will this precaution protect your car against damage or overheated headlight wiring system, but this will also save you money you would rather spend elsewhere.

That said, you would need to upgrade your stock headlight wiring before installing the HELLA high wattage bulbs. You may also need to change your headlight housing to accommodate these bright headlight bulbs. Notice how intense the low beam of these halogen headlights is. You are not blinding other motorists on the road whenever you use your high-performance headlamp. High beams throw the light beyond your field of vision. Another thing is that these halogen headlights offer a wider field of night vision and are suitable for both daytime and night driving.

Note that these high-performance halogen bulbs are recommended for off-road driving only, so they cannot be used for regular city or highway driving situations. You will, however, need to replace these bulbs as they lose their brightness over time. Replacement bulbs can be obtained from your suppliers at quite reasonable costs. So, if you need a reliable high-performance halogen headlight bulb, look no further than the HELLA. You won’t be disappointed.

Highlighted Features

  • Compared with ordinary HELLA headlight bulbs, these high-performance bulbs offer a longer service life;
  • Every bulb produced by the HELLA Group have been tested to fulfill stringent specifications;
  • Headlight bulbs that are high wattage produce excellent luminance for greater efficiency in lighting;
  • They are also environmentally friendly (they last longer and do not need replacement so often);
  • The HELLA High Wattage bulbs are ideal for off-road driving and for professionals in forestry, agriculture, or construction industries, and even all day racing.

7. Piaa 10728 H13 (9008) Night Tech High Performance Halogen Bulb

You can trust the Piaa brand to be among the best halogen headlight bulbs on the market today. With the Piaa 10728 H13 Night Tech High-Performance Halogen Bulb you can experience significant improvement in your night and off-road driving. Your bulbs will not lose color intensity and go dim too quickly. Expect plenty of light that is comparable to HID or LED headlight bulbs. These high-performance headlight bulbs produce an astonishing high beam that is 90 percent brighter than that of ordinary headlight bulbs.

Your Piaa headlight bulb performs better than rival bulbs and is also much better than the bulbs outfitted from the factory. That said, you would need to avoid knockoffs from countries outside of the US and Japan (the only authorized producers). Carefully examine your package before buying.

It is easy to install the Piaa headlight bulbs nut if you are not handy with doing your car maintenance yourself, get a professional to help you with the installation. Like all halogen headlight bulbs, you will need to replace your bulbs when they burn out.

Highlighted Features

  • The color of these halogen bulbs is whiter and offers improved contrast for night driving;
  • The bulb’s dual-band coating increases beam distance;
  • The headlight bulb includes a Quartz Glass tube that is resistant to heat and lasts longer;
  • The gas mixture, which is used in all Piaa bulbs, offers maximum light output;
  • The Piaa is easy to install;
  • These headlight bulbs are approved by the DOT and SAE and are allowed for driving on the street.

8. Philips H11tput; CrystalVision Ultra Upgraded Bright White Headlight Bulb

For the brightest halogen headlight bulbs consider the Philips CrystalVision Ultra bright white headlight bulb. Not only will your vehicle look more stylish with these bulbs, but your car will also deliver brighter light for you to see much farther. These headlight bulbs conform with the standards of the Department of Transportation and are legal for you to use on the streets in your city.

CrystalVision ultra offers a white 4000K light for safe night driving. During the daytime, however, your headlights will present an attractive blue effect, thanks to their blue-cap. Of course, these bulbs are the right choice to add style to your car. Compared to the stock halogen bulbs on the market, the CrystalVision offers a much whiter light, although this light is not as white as the LED or Xenon headlight bulbs. But, that is to be expected of halogen bulbs.

The light offered by these projection headlights are even patterns from left to right. Proper adjustment of the halogen headlights will also produce a distinctive line at the top of the light pattern. With these superior headlight bulbs, you can see for a long distance ahead. You won’t have trouble installing these headlight bulbs in your vehicle. To replace your halogen headlight bulbs, you need to take extra care not to touch the glass (use gloves or paper towel).

Highlighted Features

  • Headlight bulbs offer white light that is bright as well;
  • Philips CrystalVision ultra offers a similar look as the HID headlight bulbs, and delivers bright light;
  • A blue effect on the reflectors of the headlamp is created from the one of a kind blue cap located on each bulb;
  • Expect excellent performance from these reliable halogen headlight bulbs that have the Original equipment quality seal.

9. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Halogen Headlamp Bulb

Perhaps your vehicle model could do with an upgrade to the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited Halogen headlight bulb. Although these halogen light bulbs are European made products, they have captivated the US and other markets as high performance and top-quality bulbs.

Your night driving experience will be much improved once you install these bright and clear halogen headlight bulbs in your motor vehicle. The Night Breaker allows a longer viewing distance so that your driving is safe and stress-free. You won’t be caught by surprise by any condition you encounter on the roads as you drive with these headlights.

Highlighted Features

  • The headlight bulbs produce around 110% more light than standard bulbs for you to see better when driving at nights;
  • Experience better visibility with these headlight bulbs which have a longer light cone (up to 40 meters longer);
  • The light produced by these halogen headlight bulbs is up to 20% whiter (at 3600K);
  • The Robust Coil design in these bulbs allows for a longer service life;
  • Package contains two H7 Halogen Headlight Bulbs.

10. GE Lighting 9003 NHX/BP2 Nighthawk Xenon Halogen Replacement

Finally, on this list, there are the Nighthawk Sport replacement bulbs from General Electric. If you have any doubts about these bulbs ability to extend your night vision, they will be dispelled after you put them to the test in your car or truck. Not only are these Nighthawk Sport headlight bulbs the brightest halogen headlights substitute to ordinary halogen bulbs, but they are also the best halogen headlights to battle the dangers of poor visibility on dark, lonely roads. Your chances of having an accident because of poor lighting conditions are greatly diminished with these Nighthawk Sport replacement bulbs.

Available in various sizes to fit most vehicles, the GE Nighthawk Sports replacement halogen bulbs are a must-have upgrade to the standard stock halogen bulb. The main benefit of installing these sport halogen bulbs is the whiter light they produce. With such improved lighting, your night driving experience is less stressful. You will also experience greater contrasts to allow you to differentiate among objects you will encounter on the road.

The GE Nighthawks are easy to install, and you can either do it yourself or get a professional to do it for you. Either way, your vehicle will offer better lighting performance compared with the factory installed headlight. So, as your headlights go dim, upgrade to the GE Nighthawk Sports Replacement halogen headlight bulbs. You won’t be sorry you did.

Highlighted Features

  • These headlight bulbs produce light that is bright, blue-white to provide greater visibility and excellent contrast for night driving;
  • They are in conformance with the standards of the Department of Transportation (DOT) for use on the road;
  • You can get these bulbs in various sizes for different vehicle models;
  • These headlight bulbs are designed with a hint of blue that adds to your car’s stylish look;
  • Each package contains two bulbs.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Choosing Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Most motorists do not think about their headlamps until the lights go very dim or are broken. Also, the condition of headlights might not even make it on the list of priorities for car maintenance until it is time to have the vehicle examined for roadworthiness.

Research shows that headlight bulbs lose around 20% of their lighting capacity within two to three years. So, invariably you would be driving around with a less than optimal pair of headlights if you do not maintain your headlights.

Of course, to wait until you are in a terrible bind – being on a dark and lonely road and your headlights suddenly go out – is not a pleasant experience.

You would not want to be caught dead in such a situation! You can avoid this when you develop the habit of replacing failing headlights with the right bulb.

But, what should you consider when choosing the best halogen headlight bulbs on the market?

Consider these factors when selecting your next pair of halogen headlight bulbs.


How long your headlight bulbs will last is an important consideration when selecting your replacement headlight bulbs. Aim for bulbs that are longer lasting. These will not only serve you for a more extended period, but they will also result in you saving more in replacement costs. The bottom line is that with longer lasting halogen headlight bulbs, you won’t need to replace them very often. Some bulbs are quite easy to install – like the plug and play kind, while others require professional installation. Either way, you would need to ensure that the bulb you buy is worth it in terms of service life.

Brightness (or luminance):

Your night driving experience will be much improved with bright lights. These bright and vivid halogen headlight bulbs offer visibility for a longer and broader road area. You would also feel much safer and drive with more confidence with headlights that are bright. One thing to note though is that brighter headlights burn out faster and need to be replaced often. So, while you desire a long-lasting headlight, you would have to sacrifice a little of the bright light quality to get one. If you aim to have the brightest halogen headlight bulbs on the market, you must be prepared to replace your lights more frequently.

Color temperature:

The easy way to tell if your halogen light bulb is the right color temperature is to see how white it is. The bright, white light produced by the bulb is a signal that it is a bulb with high color temperature. Of course, the light will not be perfectly white, but the closer it is to be white, the better the quality of headlight. The beam of light that is bright and white also offers a high-class look and feel of the luxury vehicle.

Purchasing Halogen Bulbs

It is easier to find halogen headlight bulbs as they are more popular for cars, trucks, bikes, and other vehicles. Motorists find it easier to buy halogen bulbs as they last longer than other bulbs (like LED and HID), and are also less costly to replace. That said, halogen headlight bulbs are offered in a range of different sizes and can fit most models of motor vehicles.

Halogen headlight bulbs produce light when a gas mixture contacts the filament that is powered by the electricity your car generated. Because of this process, halogen bulbs use a lot of heat which contribute to wasted energy. Compared to LED bulbs, halogen headlight bulbs are energy inefficient. Although halogen bulbs are cheaper to buy, they use more energy. Installing your halogen headlight bulb must be carefully done as you must avoid touching the glass surface. If you touch it by accident, you would need to clean it with alcohol. Handling your halogen bulb with gloves, paper towels, or other material would prevent any contamination of the glass surface and prolong the service life of your headlight bulbs.

What to Keep in Mind

Are you convinced about the best halogen headlight bulb for your car? The recommended halogen headlight bulbs offer a brighter light that allows you to drive with more confidence at nights and avoid the stress caused by poor road visibility. By now you should have found the best halogen headlight bulb from this review and buying guide. Whether your decision to buy a halogen bulb is to upgrade your headlight from the stock bulb, or you want to add style to your vehicle, these recommended headlight bulbs are the best of the lot.   So, why not go ahead and order yours now?

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