Best Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights Reviews


Have you ever felt your confidence dwindling while driving your Jeep Wrangler as the days begin to fall? In fear of bumping into the car driving next to you? (My hand is raised.) In fact, here’s no shame to accept that we experience lack of self-assurance more or less during our night hour driving. Because the streets love to play tricks upon the mind of the motorists at the sun sets. And paradoxically, the exhausted and people with night blindness aren’t their only victims.

Top 3 Best Jeep Led Headlights: Editor’s Pick

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Xprite 7″ Inch Round 80W 9600 Lumens LED Headlights
7 inch Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights
Xprite 7″ Inch Round Bluetooth RGB 90W LED Headlights

By selecting perfect led headlights, you’ll not only keep yourself and the fellow drivers on the street aware of each other’s presence, but also will help decrease the chance of possible car crashes.

Here’s a few suggestions of what are prevailing at the LED headlights market right now. Choose any of them that suits your purpose most and drive your Wrangler anywhere anytime with full confidence.

 5 Best Jeep Led Headlights Reviews

1.  Xprite 7″ Inch Round 80W 9600 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam Cree LED Headlights With Halo Ring Angel Eyes DRL 

Xprite – one of the leading retailers of automotive and off-road lighting – offers top notch products with fantastic warranty. Their 7″ Round 80W 9600 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam Cree LED Headlights come with a 2-year manufacture warranty, you’ll probably never need to oft to this feature, but it’s nice to know that you’re covered. Thoughtfully structured and aimed to serve for over 30,000 hours, this illuminating system is made IP67 rated by the manufacturers, meaning that it proposes the highest level of security against dust and lint and can endure submersion into underwater up to 1 meter (or about 3 ft.) for 30 minutes. So, while you’re planning to replace an original halogen or a high-intensity discharge light, we recommend this maintenance-free item as the only game in the town.

Highlighted Features

           Installing it is a snap – When it comes to mount this LED headlight, the phrase “Plug & Play” describes its straightforwardness best.

      Lifetime Customer service – Denying the sellers’ favorite maxim “sell and forget”, Xprite offers a responsible move every time you need servicing these 7″ Inch Round LED Headlights. 2-year manufacture warranty is just another sensation.

·         Fog-resistance lens – Low temperature tends to blur the lights obstructing their outcome to the fullest. And thankfully, the breath-hole in this model keeps its glass lens moisture free making the way brighter.

·         DOT Approved – This model is built strictly following the standards specified by the govt. Its beam height, width and intensity match the benchmarks set by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

·         Versatile – Built to fit a wide range of Jeep wranglers (YJ, JK, TJ etc.) and Hummers.

2. 7 inch Jeep Wrangler Led Headlights With Daytime Running Light&Hi-Lo Beam For Wrangler 97-2016 JK TJ LJ CJ Hummer 

This 7-inch black Jeep Wrangler LED Headlight pair is very inexpensive, but you wouldn’t know it. Furnished with high quality materials, this kit will ensure optimum visibility so that you stay protected no matter what the weather throws on your way. Though LEDs are often criticized for their complicated wiring system, the included LED CANBus adapter and H4 – H13 connector will make these LED lamps easier to handle. Best of all, in each piece of the headlamp, the low beam light is set between the high beam ones from both sides; and near the border, daytime running lamps are located in thin line. With a simple bolt-on installation, this model will fit and serve a wide variety of cars and very quickly you’ll realize that this option belongs to some of the best jeep wrangler led headlights around.

Highlighted Features

·         Impact-resistant lenses – This SELO product contains polycarbonate lenses that’s way more shock proof than glass or plastic ones. This material will also keep the lens lightweight and UV protected.

·         Necessary equipment included – Unboxing the package, along with the headlight, you’ll get H4 to H13 adapters (error free anti flicker decoder harness) absolutely free of charge.

·         Stylish – The fashion-conscious car owners, who can’t ignore the overall appearance of their vehicles while trying to make their way visible in the dark, will find its striking look much more welcoming.

·         Extended lifetime – These 7” Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights are built to serve above 30,000-hour. Indeed, a lifetime investment!

·         Affordable – This lowest priced product in our list comes with almost every feature you expect from a high-quality LED headlight.

3. Xprite 7″ Inch Round Bluetooth RGB 90W 7400 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam CREE LED Headlights w/ Halo Ring DRL and Turn Signal Function

A personal favorite of the passionate Jeep wrangler owners, Xprite 7″ Round 90W 7400 Lumens Hi/Lo Beam CREE LED Headlights hit the sweet spot of brightness, longevity, and price. These lights project a strong 7400-lumen high beam and 5600-lumen low beam; and have polycarbonate lens for impact and scratch free illumination overtime. IP67 rated, the kit offers an amazing feature – you can control its color through Bluetooth connectivity. More, it consumes very low power so that it keeps shining your way and the visibility clear while saving a significant amount of energy at the same time. However, lack of proper collection of the essential hardware do make the installation a little fussy, but once you accumulate all the parts within you reach, these headlamps stand apart as one of the easy to mount models on the market.

Highlighted Features 

·         Installation takes 20 min or less  Coming with H4/H13 adapter, LED ballast & canbus, Xprite 7″ 7400 Lumens Headlights take very little time to get installed.

·         Maintenance Free Once mounted, it’ll go on illuminating your path years after years without requiring to repair it throughout its entire lifetime.

·       Water-proof – The device is sealed against water, so you can go on driving ever under the heavy shower.

·Heat dissipation ensures long life span – To expand LED headlights usability in the long run, nothing beats the heat dispersing feature and in this model, the integrated cooling system along with large rear cooling ribs covers this trait quite well.

Low Voltage Protection-  These 90W headlights are secured from any sort of mishap causing by low voltage, hence, it surpassed the previous 2 models in terms of life expectancy, which is 50000 hours.

4. 7” Black 75w LED Driving Headlights with DRL+ 4 Inch LED Front Fog Lights for Jeep 97-2017 JK TJ LJ

Driving at night or amidst foggy weather can be taxing due to the unclear view, but with the 7” Black 75w LED Driving Headlights, your way will be all clear. It’s bound to brighten your way ahead without blinding the other motorists or passersby. These 75w 5500-lumen (high beam) & 3000-lumen (low beam) LED headlamps also work as fog lights with the attached 1600 lumen rays. More than 50,000-hour life expectancy is just another plus you can’t ignore while looking for a quality Jeep Wrangler LED headlight. DOT approved and 3 times better than typical lights. In a word, these can be the perfect substitute for the usual halogen headlights on your car.

Highlighted Features

·           Durable aluminum housing – The black sturdy aluminum housing helps it act stronger enough to withstand rough conditions and vibration during driving.

·         Immune to shock and water – When you can’t wait for the weather to be favorable, this 7” Black 75w shock and water proof LED Driving Headlights are the best solution to lit the street forward.

·         Contains a lot of supplements – Apart from the 2-piece 7” LED headlights, for this reasonable price tag, you’ll also get 2pcs H4 to H13 adapter, 2pcs anti-flicker hardness, 2pcs 4” LED fog lamps and 2pcs 9005/9006-5202(H16) Conversion Wiring adapter for fog lights with the package.

·         Easy to install – Mounting it wouldn’t take more than half an hour. Connect the DRL wire and you’re done!  As simple as that!

5. 7″ LED Headlights with RGB Halo + 4″ LED Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler 1997-2017 JK TJ LJ Front Bumper Lamp Driving Lights by Bluetooth Remote Control

The 7″ LED Headlights with RGB Halo + 4″ LED Fog Lights introduced by Sunpie is a feature-packed lighting tool that’s perfect for every situation from off-road outing at night to a long drive at a foggy morning. These front bumper lights even sit above most of the top-rated models in both performance and price. And they are just about every lighting feature you can imagine: they’re DOT, SAE, E-Mark approved; IP67 rated; have an eye-catching look and finally, above 50000 hours lifespan. In fact, they could be the last headlights your vehicle will ever need.

Highlighted Features

·          Bluetooth control app– The device can be controlled via Bluetooth connection; and you can download as well as connect the app with either your iOS or android handset by scanning the right QR codes according to your requirement.

·         Light up the road up to 150 YRD – These headlamps are super dazzling (400% brighter) and can successfully illuminate up to 150 YRD street ahead.

·         Comprises all the components required – To complete the installation system of this brilliant lighting kit, the set includes H4- H13 adapter, LED Canbus and controller box. They’ll also expand the lifetime of the device.

·         Installable at your original headlamp slot – These headlights will easily fit on the original headlamp slot and to make it work, you just need to plug into the H13/H4 connection using the included adaptor.

Final Thought

It’s pretty easier for a healthy being to be deceived by mirages while following that same pick up for a few hours nonstop. Even the gloomy weather with the cloudy sky can make us temporary blind during driving. Just to put your mind at ease let us inform you that we’re not encouraging you to stop driving at night! Rather we’re inspiring you to get accustomed to the habit of keeping the LED headlights on whenever the situation is on demand

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