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Five Things to Consider When Getting an LED Shop Light, And Ten Featured Shop Lights

If you use have a garage, warehouse, basement, workshop, or any any other place that you use to build things, work on vehicles, or perform any other form of craftsmanship, you will obviously need the area to be lit. An LED shop light is the best thing that will provide lighting to your workspace while saving on energy costs as well as lasting a long time.

Top 5 Best LED Shop Light: Editor’s Pick

Five things to consider when getting an LED Shop Light

  1. Brightness levels: Not every LED shop light is created equal, and no workspace is quite the same either. Because of this, you should check exactly how bright your LED shop light needs to be.
  2. Installation materials: Although LED shop lights are easy for any DIY minded individual to install, some shop lights may not be able to be installed in certain workspaces.
  3. Power source: Most lights can be powered from an outlet, but some use batteries and are portable. Some others need to be hardwired. Check which one is ideal for your workspace.
  4. Dimensions: Similar to brightness levels, different shop lights obviously come in different sizes. It is important to select a shop light that will not crowd your workspace too much.
  5. Energy output: Connected to the brightness levels, you’ll also need to know how much energy your shop light puts out to determine future energy costs, as well as what kinds of light bulbs/tubes you may need.

If these five things are not mentioned in the links to the shop lights, they will be mentioned in the following short reviews anything else that stands out will also be covered.

10 Best Led Shop Light Reviews

1. LED Shop Lights for Garage 36W 4FT BBOUNDER Utility Lighting Plug in 3600 Lumens 5000k Daylight Double Fixtures 82+ CRI

As per its description, the B-Bounder shop light is designed for a basement, but is also available in a four pack that can be used for larger areas. It uses an outlet as a power source and can be mounted or you can hang it from the ceiling if necessary. The link above will tell you exactly how to install it and that is one of the best things about the B-Bounder shop light.

It uses 120 volts, and is 49.1’’ x 5.9’’ x 2.9’’ in length. The B-Bounder can light up rooms very well, however if you want to extend the cables it has, you will need to buy these cables yourself and attach them to the light. It also comes with a 5’ cord, so if you wish to connect extend it, you’ll need an extension cord.

2. (Pack of 6) Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K (Super Bright White), 20W, Utility Shop Light

The Barrina pack of shop lights are very ideal for large rooms. They come in a pack of six and each light is four feet in length. They come with installation accessories, each light coming with its own fixture, cord, and connectors. Each light uses 20 watts of power. The best part about the Barrina pack is that the lights are not originally connected to each other. So if you want to connect just two or three in one room and install and connect another group of lights in another room, that is possible.

However, it is not clear whether the lights can be hung or not. Something else that could present a problem is that if you wish to set up all six shop lights in one room, it could take quite a while to set everything up, as each light does come with its own connectors and other materials needed for installation.

3. Hykolity 4FT Linkable LED Utility Shop Garage Hanging Light Fixture With Power Cord 40W 4800 Lumens 5000K Daylight

One thing that stands out greatly about the Hykolity light is the brightness. At 4800 lumens at 40 watts, it is ideal for any big room that needs a lot of lighting. It is linkable, can hang from the ceiling with chains or cables, and has an outlet on the side that can provide power to another device if you wish. It can also be screwed into a wall if you do not wish to hang it. From the description in the link, you will see a picture of a grouping of these lights placed in a rather large warehouse, so from that you can see that it only takes three or four of these lights to provide good lighting for a big room.

If you are using these lights for a garage or even a small warehouse, it appears that one is all you will need. However, there is a drawback and that is the massive amount of power it uses. As mentioned previously, the Hykolity lights operate at 40 watts, which means they use quite a bit of power. Another drawback is that these lights need to be individually ordered. They can be linked, but they do not come in a pack.

4. Hykolity 4FT 36 Watt Integrated LED Shop Light Hanging Garage Workshop Ceiling Lamp Fixture With Power Cord 82+ CRI

The Hykolity four pack is similar to the Hykolity single light, only they are slightly less powerful and do not have the outlet on the side like their single lights have. They still use a good amount of power at 36 watts, and still produce quite a bit of light at 3600 lumens per light. The four pack is more than ideal for lighting up very big rooms such as warehouses. If you need a light source for a smaller room such as a basement, it would be better to get Hykolity’s single light as it would provide enough light.

One of the best things about the Hykolity four pack is that it does not need to be hardwired; they have a plug and a switch on the side of them, which makes them operate similar to a desk lamp. The fact that it has a two prong outlet means that if you wish to hang them from a high place, you can use an extension cord to achieve this easily.

5. Sunco Lighting 2 PACK – ENERGY STAR, ETL 4ft 40W LED Utility Shop Light Garage/Basement/Workshop, Linkable, Frosted

The Sunco two pack can produce quite a bit of light for a smaller room such as a garage, and produce enough light to even light a bigger room if necessary. Like the rest of the shop lights, they come with all the materials you need to connect and link them. Different than a few of them, they can be plugged in but also can be hardwired if you wish. However, hardwiring them will force you to remove the plug end of the circuitry, so do this at your own risk. They are instantly linkable without much assembly required as they have a attachable daisy chain.

The problem with this, however, is that each light has its own switch. So you will have to take the time to turn each light on if you need all of them to light up a room. And if you need to install more of these lights, it can all of a sudden be extremely time consuming to turn every individual light on each and every time. Another drawback to the sunco two pack is that some users say that they are not as sturdy as other shop lights.

6. Hykolity 4FT Linkable LED Shop Light 42 Watt Garage Workbench Ceiling Lamp 5000K Daylight White 3700 Lumens Lamp Fixture

They Hykolity four pack is similar to their two pack in that they produce a lot of light, can be linked together, and can be either hanged or mounted, only there are a couple of differences. The first one is that different than the two pack and the single, the four pack has a pull on/off switch instead of the switch that is built into the single and two pack lights. Second, there is no wiring in the coating that surrounds the LED bulb. This makes it easy to mount onto a ceiling. Users have reported a couple of things that need to be mentioned, however.

The first are the designated holes in the metal coating. The are not set at a very comfortable angle, so if you want to mount it without drilling another hole through the cover, you will need to spend a little more time than necessary when mounting. Other users have reported that sometimes the pull switch does not completely turn the lights off, meaning that some of the wiring is inconsistent.

7. (Pack of 8) Hypergiant LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture 4FT,20W,2200lm,6500K (Super Bright White),Utility led Shop Light, LED Ceiling light and Under Cabinet Light, Corded electric with built-in ON/OFF switch

The Hypergiant 8 pack presents a question: Why would anyone need a pack of eight lights? If a set of four lights can easily light up a medium sized room, then what is the use of a set of eight? Judging from the reactions of most of its users, it seems that the Hypergiant 8 pack is used specifically for large spaces. Most of the people who have reviewed it have pictures of them lighting up very big garages and workshops. The Hypergiant 8 pack would be fantastic for someone who needs to light up different workspaces using the same set of lights without ordering any more. For example, say that you have a basement and a workshop that you need lights for.

With this 8 pack, you could easily install four of these lights in the basement and four in a workshop. The best part about the Hypergiant 8 pack is the fact that eight lights come in one pack with one order. There are a couple of things that hold them back from being perfect, however; you can only link six separate lights together. This means if you still do not have enough lighting after linking six of these lights, you will need to work with what you have.

8. Sunco Lighting 10 PACK – ENERGY STAR, ETL – 4ft 40W LED Utility Shop Light, 4000lm 120W Equivalent, Double Integrated LED Fixture, Ceiling Light, Garage, Frosted (5000K – Daylight)

Like any set of shop lights numbering more than six, the Sunco 10 pack is specifically designed for big rooms. Users have reported that they use these for spaces as big as 40 x 60, and only 2 sets of ten lights were needed. This means that they produce quite a bit of lights. They are easy to daisy chain together, as they have a power cord built right in. The best way to install these is to set each light as fat apart from one another as possible, then connect their pull switch to a wall switch. This will prevent you from having to take the effort of using the pull switch to turn all of these lights on. The total fixture produces 40 watts and 4000 lumens, further cementing that they are specifically designed for big warehouses. The major problem that this set of lights present is in their mounting. Users have reported that they can only be mounted on one side if you wish to mount them to a surface. So if you are going to get the Sunco ten pack, it would be a better idea to hang them.

9. LED Shop light for garages,4FT 4800LM,42W 5000K Daylight White,LED ceiling light, LED Wrapround light

The oooLED shop light comes in a single pack. The one solitary light covers quite a bit of space at 4800 lumens and 42 watts. Although it would make sense that the 000LED single light would be ideal for smaller workspaces, consider the kind of light it produces. There are some 8 and 10 packs that produce similar light. This one produces the same kind of light, which means it is possible that if you did install it in a small space, you could run the risk of having too much light in a small space. This can lead to the room being excessively hot, among other things. However, the 000LED single shop light would work well for a medium sized workspace, such as a two car garage. It utilizes a 120 volt outlet with a two prong plug so it can plug right into most walls. The only really bad thing about the 000LED single is that it some users have reported that it does not come with the chains needed to hang it from the ceiling, so if you want to hang it from the ceiling, you will need to check the packaging to see if the chains come with it.

10. 48W Linkable LED Wraparound Flushmount Light 4ft,led shop light,4000Lumens 5000K, ETL and Energy Star Certified,LED Wrap Light

One thing that is immediately noticeable about the 000LED Flushmount is that it can be directly surface mounted to ceilings. Different than the other LED shop lights on this list, it does not need to be hanged by chains to be connected to the ceiling. This makes the 000LED Flushmount ideal for rooms outside of a workshop or garage. It is possible to replace the lights in the rooms of your house with these completely and never have to worry about replacing a light bulb for several years, as LED shop lights last much longer than fluorescent lights. The only problem with the 000LED Flushmount is that like other shop lights, they are not dimmable. This means if you were to install one of these in a room of your home, you would need to accept only one level of lighting. This could present a problem if you have guests who desire a certain amount of lighting. Also, the 000LED Flushmount yields 4000 lumens, meaning it produces a bit more light than fluorescent lights would. This means it may not even be ideal for a bedroom or a kitchen, as these rooms could become hot with these lights on.

Final words

People are starting to catch on to the usefulness of LED shop lights. One fact that many do not know about LED shop lights is that they last very long. One light usually lasts well over 50000 hours, which is much longer than most other lights. With the right tools and knowledge, they are very easy to install as well. Installing an LED shop light is as easy as watching a tutorial video on youtube about it, and will save a lot of energy as well as money in the long term. If you have a basement or other workspace that needs lighting, consider getting some LED shop lights.

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