Best Motorcycle Helmets For Men and Women- Reviews 2019


Looking for a Cool Motorcycle Helmet? No worries you are at the right place.

The main aim of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the riders head against any impact during an accident, hence preventing or reducing head injury and saving the rider’s life. Thus, helmets are must when riding a bike.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same boring old fashioned kind of helmets, because the markets have more to offer. These days you can easily find the helmets which are not only designed with the aim to provide comfort and safety but also with the eye catching designs giving you something extra to turn the heads and get noticed.

In this article, I have worked hard and gathered some useful information that will help you out in selecting a unique/cool motorcycle helmet for you.

Top 5 Motorcycle Helmets: Recommended

What Makes a Custom Motorcycle Helmet Cool?

The phrase ‘cool’ is wide open for interpretation; your definition of cool might be different from mine. Some people relate the word ‘cool’ with ‘being funky’ while few others relate it with ‘being eye-catching’ while rest may have their own definition for the word.

Attitudes and personalities change and so do the styles over time, and even bike helmets. There is no single definition of the word ‘cool helmets’ but they have one thing in common i.e. – ‘Being different from the crowd’.

So, with that in mind let’s have a look at the coolest motorcycle helmets according to us.

Top 9 Unique Cool Motorcycle Helmets Reviews for Men & Women:

Below are the brief reviews of our top 6 unique motorcycle helmets:

1. Fuel Helmets – SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

With one of these on, you can get attacked by a dinosaur and your head will probably still remain in one piece. (No guarantees for the rest of your body, though.) It comes in four different sizes- small, medium, large, and X-large, and in only one color- black. That being said, the black coating’s been thoroughly doused in UV-resistant protective layer, so this helmet won’t attract unhealthy sun rays or otherwise make your head boil on a sunny day.


Similarly to the helmet we’ve described above, the Fuel Helmets folks figured it would be a good idea to make their helmets out of the lightweight and incredibly durable thermoplastic. For the inside part, the entire helmet’s been padded with soft support cushioning which has been particularly thickened in the cheek area for a snug fit.

Since the thermoplastic shell and the padding make for quite a plump and stuffy-looking combination, the Fuel Helmets designing team included a dual-vented infuser to the build of this helmet, as well, in order to optimize the air flow.


  • This helmet meets the DOT motorcycle safety standards
  • UV-coated paint
  • Comes with a quick-release shield
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • D-ring closure and a retention strap
  • Inbuilt ventilation system


  • Prone to fogging

2. WOW – Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

Made to look simple, stylish, and aerodynamic, the WOW’s full face helmet represents an automotive accessory you don’t want to miss out on if you’ve got a motorbike. This particular model comes in 4 different sizes- S, M, L, and XL, and a wide variety of colors and visual schemes. (All are available in each of the four sizes, for the record.)


For the materials used in the construction of this magnificent full face helmet, the crafty folks at WOW decided to go for a light weight thermoplastic alloy shell- a well-proven concoction that can survive a nuclear blast, let alone a motorcycle crash. More importantly, it’s DOT-approved, meaning it meets the official motorcycle safety standards.

As a finishing touch, the WOW team made the paintjob on their helmet UV-resistant by adding a special layer of protective coating. This can mean the world of difference while you’re out there on the road, because this additional layer doesn’t only protect the paintjob itself, but it also keeps the inside of the helmet cooler when it’s scorching hot outside.


  • Comes in over 15 colors and color schemes
  • Removable and easily-washable padding
  • Made from a tough thermoplastic alloy
  • Comfortable interior
  • Covers your entire head
  • Added protective layer


  • Some users might find it too bulky
  • Sometimes it fogs up during cold weather

3. MMG – Motorcycle Vader Street Helmet

Have you ever wished you’d look like the main villain of the Star Wars franchise? (And by that we mean Darth Vader, NOT George Lucas.) Well, regardless of your answer, now you can! And should! The MMG’s new motorcycle street helmet is a tough little piece of protective motorcycle gear that no one, Star Wars fan or not, motorcycle owner or not, should ignore as a possible item on their new shopping list.


First things first. When it comes to the materials used for the outside protective shell of this helmet, the MMG designing crew decided to go for ABS thermoplastic resin- a famously tough and lightweight stuff perfectly capable of surviving severe trauma.

As an official recognition of its second-to-none performance when it comes to protecting your respectable noggin, the MMG’s motorcycle Vader Helmet has got the DOT standard approval under its belt. This means that this particular helmet does not only look like a sci-fi villain’s headgear, but also is capable of protecting the wearer’s head like the other models designed for non-sci-fi fans.


  • Designed as a half-helmet with an additional face protection
  • Looks like Darth Vader’s helmet (Darth Vader from Star Wars- the bad guy in black.)
  • Made out of thermoplastic resin
  • Officially approved by the DOT motorcycle equipment safety board
  • Removable padding


  • It doesn’t muffle the sound of wind well enough

4. Core – Vintage Face Helmet

With an appearance that reminds one of the 80’s, cop films, and John Travolta in ‘Grease’, this Core motorcycle helmet can be an excellent piece of protective head gear of choice for a person who appreciates the retro style and modern-day functionality. Also, if you want to scare the people on the highway by looking like a police officer, this helmet will do the job quite well, indeed.


Made out of durable thermoplastic alloy, the Core’s Vintage Helmet covers ¾ of your head, with only your face and chin being exposed. As for the interior, the designers at Core decided to go with a soft plush 2-tone brushed nylon providing both excellent breathability and comfort to the wearer.

The Core Vintage Face Helmet comes in five different colors- flat black, gloss black, white, wine, and safety orange. Each of the finishes is a premium automotive paint and it comes with an additional protective layer that increases its resistance to scratches.


  • Comfortable and breathable interior
  • Made out of durable thermoplastic alloy
  • Meets the DOT motorcycle equipment safety standards
  • Features a premium automotive paint finish
  • Comes in five different colors


  • The sizing charts of the manufacturer might be a bit off (so be careful when ordering a certain size, because you might need to order larger in order or it to be a perfect fit)

Bullitt is a cool cruiser helmet with retro looks from Bell. The Quadrophenia style of the helmet is definitely not going to suit everyone’s taste, but for those who are eager to let the retro-rocker inside them out for a ride. The helmet fulfils the DOT and SNELL guidelines.

Bell Bullitt comes in three shell sizes and six fitting sizes, from Extra Small to Double XL. In terms of helmet noise, the helmet is quiet when the visor is kept closed but when the visor is wide open a faint whistling sound can be heard.

The helmet has five metal mesh intake vents that allow a good amount of air inside keeping the rider cool even during the summer heat. There is another vent at the back of the helmet that helps in guiding air along the top of the head and adds to the aerodynamic feel of the helmet.

The best part about Bell Bullitt is its wide aperture, with a superb viewing range with negligible head-turning. The suede lining is designed for maximum comfort. The Expanded polystyrene foam used in the helmet is lightweight and gives maximum comfort.

  • The helmet has ultra low-profile fiber composite shell.
  • It has 5 metal mesh intake vents with 1 rear exhaust vent.
  • Removable, washable, and anti-bacterial interior.
  • Perforated micro suede interior fabric with leather trim.
  • Padded chinstrap with stainless steel D-ring closure with leather pull tab.
  • Faint whistling sound can be heard when the visor is fully open.

If there is any list of cool motorcycle helmets and they have missed Shark RAW, I would mark it as incomplete. This is probably the best looking helmet that has been developed by a company with a lot of reputation and trust.

Shark RAW bridges the gap between the traditional full faced helmets, and the half shell open face helmet. This helmet has got style and is quieter than you might expect, due to a close fit between the goggles and the eye port.

The helmet is made from a thermoplastic resin shell and a detachable face mask and goggles. The goggles have been made double walled for Anti Fogging and have been fitted with Premuim Carl Zeiss anti-scratch glasses. And as the goggles and face masks are detachable components of the helmet, so you have the choice to ride only with the face mask or the goggles or neither.

The interiors of the helmets have been made from organic bamboo fibers and are fully removable for cleaning. It is also very easy to install the Sharktooth communicator equipment with the helmet to take benefit of the Bluetooth capabilities. There is substantial opening in the front and apart from this it also has two horizontal vents along the top. This lets a good amount of air to flow through.

  • Constructed from injected thermoplastic resin which provides durability.
  • Comfortable natural fiber interior and ventilation system using air vents and diffuses.
  • QRGS: quick release goggle system.
  • Double anti-fog and antiscratch visor.
  • Facial protection mask.
  • There is no method of controlling or limiting the air flow into the helmet and hence it not very good to be used during colder months of the year.

Bell Rogue Helmet is an innovative and cool product from Bell helmets. Bell Rogue Helmet has the look of a half faced helmet bundled with the ease of a three-quarter helmet. This helmet features an adjustable/removable muzzle. In addition to this, the helmet is made from a lightweight composite shell with ultra-comfortable interiors.

The best part about the helmet is its muzzle. You don’t have to mess around with problematic clips if you want it on or off. The muzzle is easily separable with a magnetic clip system and hence it gives you an option to ride with or without the muzzle. The muzzle itself is adaptable so you can match it as per your face shape and size for comfort. The muzzle comes with a fully removable and washable liner.

  • Made from Lightweight composite shell
  • Durable and innovative Muzzle for optimal rider comfort
  • Amendable Muzzle features detachable liner
  • FidLock magnetic connection makes it easy to remove the Muzzle
  • 3 shell and EPS sizes for utmost comfort and size range
  • Detachable and washable interiors
  • Well-located integrated speaker pockets
  • Quality stainless steel D-rings and metal badges
  • Five-year warranty
  • DOT approved
  • Some people say that these lids while on your head make it look like a mushroom.

1STorm is the best coolest bike helmet in the open face category. The helmet is made up of durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell which gives it enough strength to protect your head against any accidental impacts.

The helmet has a beautiful glossy protective finish, that saves your head from the harmful UV rays and looks awesome too. The helmet comes in 4 sizes: S (53-54 CM,20.9/21.3 Inch);  M (55-56 CM,21.7/22.0 Inch) ; L (57-58 CM,22.4/22.8 Inch) ; XL (59-60 CM,23.2/23.37 Inch).

With its classy design this helmet is perfect for you if you are looking to buy a helmet in the open face category. This helmet is great for weekend riders and for chopper diehards.

  • Eye catching design
  • Made from light weight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Beautiful glossy UV protective finish
  • Available in multiple sizes: S (53-54 CM,20.9/21.3 Inch);  M (55-56 CM,21.7/22.0 Inch) ; L (57-58 CM,22.4/22.8 Inch) ; XL (59-60 CM,23.2/23.37 Inch)
  • Back-side front usage when necessary
  • Better ventilation than full face helmets
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • DOT Approved
  • As it is an open face helmet so it only protects your head during an impact.

This is one of the mcoolestand awesome motorcycle helmets. As you can easily see the helmet is a replica of Master Chief’s headgear from the Halo video game series. This Halo Master Chief Limited Edition Motorcycle Helmet has a suitable modular design with glove-friendly opening system. The exterior features an ABS shell with a matte UV-protective clear paint and a reflective shield with UV protection.

The helmet has front air intake vents which reduce shield fogging; it also has rear exhaust vents to keep your head cool and dry. Halo Master Chief Limited Edition helmet featuresa double D-ring nylon chin strap which keeps your head firm and protected. The interior has a center pad with a design that allows heat to dissipate from the top of the scalp, dual-layer EPS cheek pads for a firm, comfortable fit, and an eyeglass friendly interior. Cheek pads are removable and washable.

  • The ultimate in Halo prop replica.
  • Convenient modular design.
  • Meets DOT standards.
  • Eyeglass friendly interior.
  • D-ring nylon chin strap to keep your head steady.
  • Removable and washable cheek pads.
  • UV-protective coating.
  • Multiple scientifically designed vents to keep your head cool.
  • Dual-layer EPS cheek pads for a comfortable fit.
  • Some people say this thing is huge, compared to a normal motorcycle helmet. But in my opinion, it’s not so bad with the matching body armor/costume.

Few Important things to consider before buying a Helmet:

Below is a list of few things that you must take into consideration before buying a motorcycle helmet:

1. Look for Certifications: Fortunately there are certain standards that can tell you whether a helmet is safe to use or not. The first and most important of these standards is DOT; DOT defines the minimum levels of performance that helmets sold in the US must meet. If your helmet meets this standard then it will have a DOT sticker on it.

The second most important standard is ‘SNELL’, SNELL is a privately administered body that defines standards to be followed by protective headgear. ‘SNELL’ standards are stricter than ‘DOT’ standards. SNELL approved helmets have a “SNELL Approved” sticker on them.

2. Helmet Material: Helmet material is something that gets covered under both DOT and SNELL standards, but knowing it would not hurt you. Helmet should be made up of such a material which is sturdy and lightweight. The best materials for a helmet can be Kevlar,  Carbon fiber, lightweight plastic or fiberglass.

Helmet interiors should be made from a material that is soft, comfortable and which can easily absorb shocks or impacts. “EPS” Expanded Polystyrene foam is the best material for this purpose.

3. Comfort and Fit: Comfort is again a very important thing when it comes to helmets. You should buy a helmet which allows you to enjoy long rides rather than making them a hell. If you are buying an helmet online then my advice would be to stick with the most popular brands as they are the one which take user comfort more seriously than the their lesser known counterparts.

Apart from the comfort a helmet should also fit tightly enough for it to not move when you shake your head from side-to-side, front-to-back and up and down. Loosely fitted helmets have the risk of coming off upon impact. Below is the size table which will help you to choose helmet as per your head shape and size.

4. Ventilation and Visors: Ventilation plays an important role in helmets. Good helmets are nicely ventilated which allows the air to circulate inside them and hence reduces the sweat and itch to the rider. Few high end helmets also allow the user to adjust the vent opening so as to regular the air flow inside as per the riders wish.

Clear Visors allow the rider to see more clearly where as tinted or colored visors reduce the rider’s vision. Clear Visors with anti-fogging and anti-scratch capabilities are the best choice for in my onion.

5. Helmet Type: As a general thumb rule it is better to have a helmet that provides you much coverage. Full-face helmets are hence better than half face helmets. Apart from this, you should also check how much area is covered by the EPS liner coverage.

Generally, you will see that cheaper helmets cover only the minimal reads with the EPS Liner where as bigger brands cover the most of the interiors inside the helmet this the EPS liner.

Types of Helmets:

Let’s first understand the various types of helmets that are available in markets:

1. Full Face Motor Cycle Helmets:

Full Face Helmets provide high protection although they are not pretty much comfortable. It provides you a full protection as it covers the entire face including eyes, ears, nose and ears. It also covers full head and base skull. As it’s completely closed it shields you from wind noise, dust, rain, hail, rock, and insects.

Pros: As mentioned above they provide a full face and head protection hence these helmets are suggested for riding at high speeds, or for a beginner, or a stunt performer.

Cons: These helmets are not well ventilated and you would not be able to eat or drink while keeping them on.

2. Flip Up or Modular Motor Cycle Helmets:

Flip up Helmets cover the full face however the front portion of these helmets can be easily flipped up. This type of helmet protects you from wind, noise, dirt, rock, rain, and insects when completely closed.

Pros: These helmets are best to use if you are on tour, as you could easily flip them while reading a map or at refilling station. There is no need to take them out while eating or drinking as you can easily flip it up.

Cons: When the helmet is flipped, face and jaw are prone to injury. Also, these helmets produce more wind drag due to the independent face shield.

3. Open Face Helmets:

Open face helmets are pretty much cool as they resemble retro style. These helmets cover only the skull and back of the head.

Pros: Open Face Helmets are lightweight and well ventilated. You could also eat and drink while keeping them on. They are advisable if you are just loitering around your neighbourhood at defined speed limits.

Cons: These helmets do not have a front shield and hence face, nose, jaw, and chin of rider are prone to injury. Also in absence of front shield it does not protect rider from wind, hail, rain, dust, dirt, and insects. Thereby you might need to buy additional stuff like goggles or ear safety gear.

4. Half Helmets:

Half Helmets are suggested if you are a military lover as their appearance is similar to military accessory.

Pros: Half Helmets are light weight and you could also eat and drink by keeping them on. These are also useful for you if you sweat a lot as these are very well ventilated.

Cons:  They cover only top and back of head, leaving part of skull, face, eyes, nose, ears and chin exposed to injury.  These are highly un-protective and are not permitted at higher speeds.

Didn’t liked the above ones, we have more:

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Your Turn:

As you can see, choosing a good looking and a cool motorcycle helmet relies on a range of factors. Depending on how you want to use it and where you want to use it can make all the difference in the world in which model is right for you. Once you’ve decided what type you want to go with, make sure to read helmet reviews online and see what other people are saying.

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