Best Off-Road Led Light Bars Reviews


Driving at night can be difficult, if you use only manufactured lights. Therefore, many of us can opt for additional headlights.

In the past, aftermarket Off-Road lights have played both in the part of a functional accessory and cosmetic 4 × 4 jewelry. Off-Road light offers of the market today are brighter, more compact, and more efficient than ever. A few decades ago there were only one or two types of light options. Today, there are three different technologies of accessible lighting. These include halogen, high intensity discharge (HID), and light-emitting diode (LED) Off-Road lights. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages. What light is the right technology for you depends on the application and, of course, your personal preferences.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Off-Road Led Light Bars

If you have not seen an LED lighting bar in a Jeep or other 4x4s, you have probably lived under a rock. In recent years the popularity of LED lights for garage workshop has skyrocketed. Its compact size, durability, long life, low amp draw, and absolute brightness are among the reasons.

Here are 10 Best Off Roading LED Light Bars to Choose for Different Purposes

1. Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led Off Road Lights Super Bright Driving Fog Light

CE, FCC and RoHS Certified, this LED light bar is way more reliable than anything else. So far as its adaptability is concerned, it can be fitted on a variety of models from an off road vehicle to a casual motor car. You can even go as far as mounting it on a road roller. And if you think an LED light bar is meant only for outdoor use, it’s high time you widened your thought. Because this very model is perfect for indoor use as well. Just convert it into a DC 12 V and you’re good to brighten your interior. Put simply, no dark region will remain unlit if you’re backed by this versatile lighting kit. One restriction here, though – you can’t use it in areas where the DOT approval is a must. So, know the law first before you head out with these lights.

Highlighted Features

Flood beam If you do a lot of road riding, especially at night, its flood beam will help to watch almost everything of your surroundings. True, unlike the spot patterns, this one doesn’t throw the light narrowly and therefore, can’t lighten a long path ahead. But what it’s capable of instead is, it can easily illuminate the tighter sections where the spot patterns eventually fail!

Immune to dust and water – You can’t wait for the light’s visibility to go down at the very next moment some liquid or dust particles touch it. With IP67 rating, this lightbar is, hence, a real lifesaver. In fact, the rubber pad and the silicone sealing strip have boosted its ability to fight against water.

Multipurpose: In case, you’re thinking of attaching it on a marine vehicle, we appreciate your decision and can assure you that it would be an unregrettable idea because this quakeproof and anti-corrosive kit is meant to serve you on both snow, sand and swampy surfaces. Besides, the power coating on it literally does their job well, so why not try it on your next trip?

Durable housing – It’s not that you’ll enjoy a dry season all the year round. Weather changes, so do the condition of LED light bars. But the case would be different with this model. Its 6063 Die-cast aluminum alloy made housing is more than forgiving against the inclement weather condition.

Warranty – This product comes with 2-Year Limited Warranty and is labelled with working limitation of 30,000+ hours.

2. LED Light Bar Nilight 32 Inch 180W Spot Flood Combo LED Driving Lamp Off Road Lights LED Work Light Boat Jeep Lamp,2 Years Warranty

Get 32” Nilight LED Light Bar and don’t look back. It possesses a good combination of flood and spot patterns, and the output is freaking bright. So, if you do a great amount of night driving, we don’t think you would ever want to ride without them. For years after years, it will keep enhancing the night vision in a way you don’t expect. Needless to say, it’s tempting to see them in action and your budget will definitely allow. A few users complained about their finding the wrong or no bracket(s) with the set. So, you’re appreciated to contact their customer care service if any hardware is found missing from the package. However, it’s no surprise to get a 2-Year Limited Warranty here, since Nilight has shown no signs of giving up on its consistent customer satisfaction.

Highlighted Features

Combo Beam – Having two different led light bars – one for pointing straight and another for pointing wider zones – will be a thing of past. Because this 180W Spot Flood Combo LED offers the best of both worlds with a single purchase.

Sturdy – Combo beam isn’t the only feature Nilight has graced this light bar with. It’s strong 6063 Aluminum Alloy profile is another trait that really does border on the magical, making it heat treatable and weldable. Perfect for using when driving in the midst of high winds, rain or storms.

Stainless steel bracket – The included mounting brackets are niftily designed. They are even constructed to withstand the effects caused by driving on an uneven passage.

PC lens – Its shock proof, chemical resistant Polycarbonate (PC) lens are enduring enough to survive any situation with zero issues. Whereas random lights with PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) gave up working in face of combustible elements, these flame-retardant ones can easily handle prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Both outdoor and Indoor use – Like the previous model on our list, this one also offers plenty of usage options. You can use it on off-road vehicles (SUV, ATV, tanks etc.), on water crafts as well as in domestic areas (garden or garage). However, before you connect it with household equipment, make use you’ve altered the voltage from 110-120V AC to 12V DC.

3. Led Light Bar, Senlips 32″ 180W Offroad Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Beam, Led Bar, Driving Led Lights with Mounting Bracket for Off-road Vehicle, ATV, SUV, UTV, 4WD, Jeep, Boat- Black

Planning a night trip along with your buddies? Mount the Senlips 32″ Led Light Bar on your vehicle and secure a smooth journey ahead. Even when you find the way onward somewhat spooky, it’ll provide support and comfort introducing a wide and long view. Detangling the darkness in a foggy weather, it acts like your guide while sailing towards your dream destinations. Rain, snow, mud and the like won’t distract the fun of adventure anymore by intervening the visibility through technical defects like the accumulation of moisture inside the lens, thanks to its meticulously devised PMMA Lens. Also kudos to its -40°C~85°C working temperature that lengthens its flawless working hours. More realistically priced, this 15000 lumen device will verify your safe driving at midday with its 6000k color temperature.

Highlighted Features

Spot-flood combo – Together the spot and flood beams produce so bright a light that’s capable of illuminating very far down the trails so that you can view the imminent bumps, hazards or hurdles more distinctly and have plenty of time to react at higher speeds.

Eco-friendly –  Advancements in the LED industry has made it possible for Senlips to manufacture this lighting tool from materials that are safer for the environment. The bar is also long-lasting than the conventional models.

Waterproof –  You can use this IP67 rated light bar comfortably in an uneven weather condition.

Versatile Quality – Useable in various indoor, outdoor fields i.e. construction sites, garden areas or on a boat. Guaranteed you 30,000-hour nonstop use along with a polished look.

Bonuses -The attachments are mounting brackets, nuts and screws – all of them carry a 24 months warranty.

4. LED Light Bar, Northpole Light 20″ 126W Waterproof CREE Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar

During night time off roading, it’s important to know whether there’s a curve in the next half mile beforehand, especially when your speed is 100 miles per hour. And you can do so with a spot beam led light bar, but this spot patterns won’t give you a shoulder to shoulder view on the road that a flood pattern can easily cover. So, in an attempt to add ease and safety to your off-road driving, Northpole Light has come up with a one stop solution that’s sure to address problems in both situations. With 60° flood and 30° spot beams, their Northpole 20″ 126W Combo LED Light Bar provides unreal brightness. Finally, and just as important, back to basics personified.

Highlighted Features

Quality product – Starting from the diecast aluminum housing to its PC lens, everything in it is built out of strong, quality materials. Sure, the price is comparatively higher but relying on its quality, you’re disagreeing to take your cue from those who invest on a new cheap light bar every couple of years.

Easy to install- This item comes with mounting brackets, a wiring harness and the screw set for a hassle free installation.

Bright – If you’re about to drive through some windy, isolated and dark country roads, we highly  recommended using this 10500 lumen LED Light Bar. It’ll illuminate your surrounding area quite vividly. Best of all, it’s leakage free parts let it throw lights constantly even after heavy shower or snow fall.

Durable – Incorporating the integral heat sink and the shatterproof lenses, this kit keeps on going for 30,000 hours. Besides, it’s IP67 rated and therefore, immune to rough weather condition. Its low power consumption design is like icing on the cake!

5. LED Light Bar Nilight 52 Inch LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo LED Lights Led Bar Driving Off Road Lights,2 Years Warranty

This lighting kit is just another add-on in the popular line of LED light bars belonged to Nilight. It consists of the same features that their two other models (we enlisted here) come with. So, what’s the magic sauce in it? The size. It’s a 52” well-defined flood spot combo light bar. Another stuff that caught our eye is -40~85° Celsius working temperature. We know, it’s a niche thing, but take it from us, you’ll have more fun on your trip with it than you expect. More? The 6063 die-cast aluminum alloy housing has upgraded its look as well as capability. Adding to the positives, backed up by IP67 dust and water resistance, this lightbar is shipped with mounting bracket, like most of Nilight lineup. Finally, 2-year consistent support is a kind of promise on the part of the manufacturers.

Highlighted Features

Performance – The manufacturers have tested it under a severe condition, assuring that it’ll easily serve you for over 30,000 hours – not quite top of the line but no slouch either.

Powerful lighting – The light bar’s deep reflector cups reflect Nilight’s own visual identity. All original and can effectively produce 22000-30000 lumen light. Unquestionably, one of the brightest items existing out there.

Responsive customer service  –  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that Nilight will appreciate your after-purchase queries or problems regarding the product via emails within 24 hours.

Variety of use – Unlike other weighty lighting systems, this 8-pound light isn’t just for embellishment. It caters to tastes both on-road, off-road and household users.

Highly protected from water – It’s made water protected with multiple materials such as soft strip, silicone seal and water-repellent rubber pad.

6. LED Light Bar Curved, Autofeel 32 inch 470W Quad Row Driving Lights Spot Flood Combo Beam Light Bar Off Road Lights with Mounting Brackets and Wiring Harness for Truck Jeep ATV UTV Wrangler SUV Dodge

Autofeel is hands down a company supremely adept at producing LED light bars that are IP68 rated, can throw light on both spot and flood pattern and ensure a lifespan of over 50000 hours. And so we can report with the reassurance that this 32” Quad Row Driving Lights deliver on these brand tenets, and then some. It’s equipped with diecast aluminum shell for uninterrupted performance under tough conditions. And no matter how long you keep it running, due to the thoughtfully structured heat sink, it stubbornly refuses to be overheated throughout the application. A little pricier than the other brands, but still affordable. More precisely, you get what you pay for – unmatched brightness and a nice mixture of adaptability and stamina. There’s nothing else like this. Period.

Highlighted Features

Extended lifespan –  Autofeel guarantees the light for 50,000+ hours which equates to nearly 6 years( 5.7 yrs) of ceaseless 24/7 service. No doubt, with those numbers, this combo light will outlive your 4X4.

Sturdy construction & solid performance – The key to any good led light bar isn’t weight, it’s the ability to light up the required area and durability. Abrasion free hardware, dust and water protected parts and the bulky heat sinks are the testament of its master engineering.

Dual installation system –  To make your life easier, it comes with two different styles of installation. The included set of mounting brackets and wiring harness are pretty darn good quality materials.

Engaging look – Distinctly shaped, its 4 row design has endowed it with a charm that’s so priceless.

Lifetime servicing offer  Peace of mind is a big factor when you hit the road at night time with a newly bought led light bar and this is where Autofeel comes in. Lifetime servicing along with 1 year warranty is the center of attraction here.

7. LED light Pods, Offroad Town 2 pcs 144w LED Light Bar OSRAM Flood Beam Fog Lights Waterproof Driving Light for Off road, Heavy Duty, UTV, Truck, ATV, SUV, Jeep, 3 Years Warranty

Unlike some of the big companies that rip you off while providing a bright led light bar, these 2 pieces lighting tool belonged to Offroad Town is comparatively affordable. But you can keep your doubt at rest regarding its productivity, because after seeing it come into action, like many of its other users, we started believing that less money doesn’t always mean low quality. Adding to the sense of security against water, dust or corrosion – this IP68 rated light bar has got 6063 aluminum alloy housing which accompanies shockproof PC lens. Practically, you wouldn’t need to test these features by yourself, nor would you want to subject it to rust by lying open in heavy rainfall for hours. But this product will certainly win over the challenge if you’re willing to do so. The included flexible mounting bracket (that helps to tilt the lights about 45°) and the screw set – make the installation as simple as walking in the park.

Highlighted Features

Diamond reflector – From a dynamic perspective, the 144w Offroad Town LED Light Bar is ideally calibrated as a perfect illuminator. The multi-layer diamond style simply enhances its brightness to provide white light without dark spots or shadows.

Cooling fins – The ultra thin diversion lamp doesn’t let this LED lights reach their maximum junction temperature and thus, expands its lifetime up to 50,000 hours which is equal to 2,083 days and 8 hours.

Moisture breather – On a damp weather, vapor gathers inside the led light bar and soon turns into liquid. To eliminate this tendency, this tool comprises a humidity breather that’ll confirm a hasslefree driving with clear visibility.

Well equipped for the money – This 160° super wide flood beam comes for an unimaginably low price – less than forty bucks – without sacrificing any of the qualities that may degrade its efficiency.

8. Truebeam 240W 42inch Led Light Bar Curved Combo Cree Led Work Light Bars

Truebeam burst onto the aftermarket scenario with light bars that look and act like no other. Their 42” led light bar has a familiar curved design punctuated by aluminum mixed casing. And the company tries to keep the fun alive with its compatibility to fit a variety of cars and prolonged, extensive view. Every day you’ll like it more as its construction has given it a better mounting option than something else. More importantly, this 240W LED Light Bar checks all the usability boxes that its predecessors struggled with. Overall, it’s a combination of very compelling features and very few compromises. Compared to other models, the price tag is little high. But with 2 Years Warranty and brightness that’s similar to the sky at around high noon, a big thumbs up for the product is a must.

Highlighted Features

Performs great even in the harshest weather – This led bar helps to deal with rain, snow or sleet that emerge with the season changes. It not only keeps the visibility clear but withstands the rough forces of nature.

Responsive to heat – To dissipate the heat produced from constant operation, this kit comes armed with silicone gel that reinforces the working capacity of aluminum alloy housing.

IP68 rated – If you’re finding something to lighten up places near your pool or fountain where sprinkles of water is every minutes’ story, this kit with the highest ingress protection rating would be a sensible choice.

CE certified – It meets all the standard set up for consumer and workplace safety in EU internal market.

9. Led Light Bar, Senlips 43″ 240W Curved Light Bar Off-road Light Bar Flood Spot Combo Beam IP 67 Waterproof for Off-road Vehicle, ATV, SUV, UTV, 4WD, Jeep, Boat- Black (43″)

The Senlips 240W Curved Light Bar is a hard wearing, multifaceted lighting kit for those who live for rugged terrain. This bright 43-inch tool will lighten up your way ahead like natural sunlight so that the beholders can see your presence without straining their eyes. The quality of its hardware is impressive, and it’ll go on serving for 30,000 hours with authority. Once you decided your destination, this combo light bar will keep throwing lights denying the impact of snowy, winter night or cloudy sky. Zero fog inside the lens, hefty brackets, the capability to produce astonishingly bright light which is enough to spark both envy and admiration is a recipe for fun. Undoubtedly, a reliable nighttime companion – ahead of its time.

Highlighted Features

Quality material –  With 17600 lumen, this light incorporates combo beam – 60° flood and 30° spot. Also possesses 6000k color temperature, meaning it throws cool lights with a bluish tinge.

Leak proof – Structurally, this light bar is so tactfully designed that no single drop of water would be able to reach its system. IP67 passed.

Affordable – Packed with so many features. Yet available for an inexpensive price.

Good to look at – Regarding appearance, the die cast aluminum housing makes this curved light bar look shiny while keeping it maintenance free all the year round.

Straightforward installation – It comes with everything  (i.e. mounting brackets, nuts, screws)

you need for mounting the light on your SUV or truck.

10. YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar,2PCS 18W 6Inch Flood LED Work Light Pods Single Row Offroad Led Light Driving Light

What do you do when your jeep already has stronger frames, easily-modified suspension and modern-age comfort and convenience? Well, you add a shockproof, anti-broken LED Light Bar. Yitamotor has been making auto parts and car accessories for years and their 6” single row led light bar simply extends their reputation further. We‘ve seen a lot of models that come with the same features – 60° flood beam, lifespan of 50,000+ hours., inclusion of modifiable mounting kits. It’s all been done. What’s new is providing all of that together into a single light bar, that also happens to offer the advantage of free exchange for 2 years. Yitamotor certifies this thing to IP67. Now, that’s not particularly rare these days. This led light bar is also anti-freeze tested for endurance which subjects it to a whole other avalanche of abuse under negative temperature.

Highlighted Features

Wide application – This single light bar can serve diverse vehicles and working areas. Install it on your 4X4, Road Buggy, pickups, crane, boats, agricultural machinery or mount on your garden yard to lighten them up like a broad daylight.

Cool & White light – With the 6,000K Color Temperature, it produces 30-40% more light output than the 3000K warm white light producers. It also improves concentration and performance during driving.

All weather usage- Outwardly protected with black-painted die-cast aluminum mixture, this IP67 rated, anti-explosion light bar is resistant to water, dust and quake. Therefore, it performs great in all weather condition like an infallible substitute of natural daylight.

Longevity Improved PC lens surface protects its interior and the integral heat sink along with the enhanced air circulation surface helps the kit remain cool dissipating most of the heat possible. This cooling down process not only extends the lifespan of the product but keep you worry-free about replacing it for a very long time.

Consumes less electricity – Only 18 watt and 10-30V are enough to run the lightbar for a clear visual support.

Should you buy one of these? I know I’m planning to.


It is generally accepted that Cree LED lights are of a superior quality than some of the other LED lights on the market. Lower quality lights generally have a lower power rating, so do not be fooled by a less expensive LED lightbar that essentially looks the same as a more expensive version. It is generally accepted that Cree LED lights are of a superior quality than some of the other LED lights on the market.

As with all off-road lighting options, LEDs have disadvantages, too. Off-Road lights are typically composed of several LED light elements mounted on a circuit board. Each LED is designed to last as long as a standard transistor, which means the lifespan of an LED exceeds the short life of an incandescent bulb for thousands of hours. However, if one of the LEDs burn for some reason, it ends up with a dead center in the middle of its light that can not be easily repaired.

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