Best Rock Lights For Jeep Reviews 2022


Jeeps are a unique vehicle. While most jeeps are commonly seen as a vehicle that is limited to driving on roads, there are certain jeeps that can be taken off-road and are utilized as all terrain vehicles. During the night, driving off-road can be dangerous if you are not prepared properly.

Top 3 Best Rock Lights: Editor’s Pick

That is what rock lights are used for. Rock lights are placed on the bottom of the jeep and allow the driver to see all around them when off-road driving at night. The following five rock light sets will make sure that you are perfectly prepared when taking your jeep for an off-road drive at night.

5 Best Rock Lights Review:

1. MAX LUX LED Rock Lights

Coming in a pack of four pods with 4 watts of output per pod, the Max Lux lights can provide good lighting for off-road jeeps. The pods contain leads that are 14’ long, mount using magnets, and have resin casings. There is plenty of wiring to connect all four pods to the bottom of the truck, and because there are four pods, they are organized enough to assemble easily. The fact that the leads are so long is one of the best things about the Max Lux lights, as it allows for easy installation.

They also come in blue or white lights, which provide options. Some users report that on certain occasions, the blue lights are brighter than the white ones, but the difference is not very noticeable. There are a couple of things about the Max Lux lights that you should prepare for if you choose to get a set for your Jeep. The first thing is that although the leads are long, the wiring insulation is also thick and not easy to strip away.

Instead of cutting them to size like with normal wires, it may be necessary to loop and bundle the wires to keep them from dragging on the floor when driving. The Max Lux lights do not have a harness, either. This means you will need to get one separately to tie up the wiring. The Max Lux lights come with a switch, which is good because that means it is easy to directly turn them on, but it will require a little additional construction to mount the switch and place it in a location on the jeep that is reachable.

2. LAMPHUS 6pc StarDust SDRL14 4×4 4WD Jeep Truck Offroad LED Rock Light Kit

Designed for bigger trucks, the Lamphus Stardust lights come in a pack of six units. They have four LEDs, and come in an aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens. The reason why this is designed for bigger trucks is that they come in a pack of six. This will give a bigger truck plenty of light coverage for any situation.

The best thing about the Stardust lights is the fact that they are very versatile. They come in different colors, each color having a different lumen output. There are six options for the Stardust lights, which provide proper lighting for any situation. The issue with this, however, is that you cannot mix and match them.

For example, you cannot have 2 white lights that use 650 lumens and four green ones which use 500 lumens. However, it is a good thing to be able to select different sets of lights with different brightness factors. Another thing to watch out for is the length of the wires. The length of the wires on the stardust lights are about six inches, so they are designed to be set up close to each other.

3. LED Rock Light Kits with 6/8 Pods RGB Lights for for Trucks, Jeeps

Owners of very big trucks that are taken off-road will need a fair amount of rock lights, and the Imosontec rock light kit was designed for big off road trucks in mind. It comes with a pack of eight rock lights that produce 500 lumens of brightness a piece. The lights themselves contain three LEDs a piece, which give off enough light but not too much light. One notable thing about the Imosontec light kit is that they are operable through a smartphone bluetooth app.

This is an interesting and very convenient way to turn the lights on and off and because of this, building a power source, like installing a switch, is not necessary. However, this can present a slight problem for those who may not be familiar with using bluetooth devices on their phones. Also, having the app can add to the host of other apps on a phone and use more battery life than necessary. One very good thing about the Imosontec rock light kit is that everything that comes with it is waterproof: The lights are waterproof and so are all the wires and connectors.

This is especially good for the large trucks they are designed for, as when driving off-road, it is possible to encounter large bodies of mud and water and when encountering these kinds of things, it is important to have waterproof lights.

4. RGB LED Rock Lights Bluetooth Multicolor Neon LED Light Kit

There are two purposes for rock lights. First, they are necessary for a driver to see everything around the vehicle when driving off-road. The second reason is not as important, but more for an aesthetic purpose. Lights with different colors can make the off-road experience that much more enjoyable. The Sunpie rock light set comes with eight lights with all the necessary connectors. One thing that separates the Sunpie rock light set from all others is that it is multicolor.

Most rock lights give off a white light. Or you can get a different set of lights that have a different color. The Sunpie rock light set has a feature where you can select the color of the lights. The rock light set also has two ways of being operated: It can be controlled through a bluetooth phone app and also has a remote control. Something to look out for with the Sunpie rock light set is how they are connected.

If they are connected too close together, they will run the risk of burning out. This means that extension wires may be necessary. Most all rock lights are waterproof, but the Sunpie rock light set is designed to allow permanent underwater operation. This is ideal if you wish to install these on a boat.

5. MICTUNING RGB LED Rock Lights with Upgraded APP Bluetooth Controller

Flexibility and options are one thing that is pretty rare in rock lights. Oftentimes, rock lights are set to a certain level of brightness that cannot be altered. The Mictuning rock light set has solved this issue. They come in a pack of eight lights, each with three LEDs inside, with all lights easily connectable. They also come in a pack of four for smaller vehicles. Like with most other rock lights, they are rust and waterproof.

One thing that makes the Mictuning rock light set stand out from other rock light sets is the fact that they have a brightness adjuster that is operable through a smartphone app. As long as you have the app installed, it is possible to not only change the brightness of the lights, but the color as well. There is something to be addressed here, however; since each pair of lights has its own pod, the app can only connect to each pod, meaning it is only possible to alter the lighting on 1-4 lights at one time.

The app also lets you switch pods which makes this a slight annoyance more than anything else. Still, this is worth mentioning, as many might have expectations about being able to change the brightness and colors of the rock lights. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the wires that connect the lights are not as long as some users would like. However, this is easily solved with extension cables.


There are two purposes for putting rock lights on your truck or boat. The first is for improved vision when driving off-road at night in a truck or riding around any given body of water at night in a boat. Not having rock lights installed in these situations is very risky and dangerous.

The other purpose for having rock lights installed on a truck or boat is for aesthetics. Either way, before selecting a set of rock lights, it is important to determine how many you actually need and if you need them for function or for aesthetics. These are the two biggest things to consider when thinking of installing rock lights on your truck or boat.

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