Best Windshield Repair Kit Reviews


When someone speaks of the most important segment of a vehicle, the first thing that strikes our mind is either brakes or battery. Some other may favor the significance of tires, oil or air filter as well. But what we often overlook is the fact that none can enjoy a safe driving (even after all five parts mentioned are running well), if the windshield provides a vague view while driving. The point is, we often take the windshield’s role for granted.

Let’s face it – scratches, chips, spider-cracks or star damages on the glasses appear frustrating from their very first stroke. But we’re all ignorant, at one point or another, of repairing those blotches either for being too lazy or for saving a few bucks. And by doing so, ironically, we just aggravate the situation, possibly resulting in an accident or huge expenditure on entire windshield replacement. Given the circumstances mentioned, we recommend collecting of the repairing kits suggested below before they go uncontrollable.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 3 Windshield Repair Kit
Windshield Repair Kit
Editor's Rating
1. Rain-X 600001
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2. Permatex 09103
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3. Glass Polishing Kit
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Confused whether the crack on your windshield is curable with any of the products? You can learn it simply by running your fingernail across the cut. If you can catch the scrapes with your nail, it’s better to change the windshield itself. If not, it’s safe to be a DIYourselfer right away with one of the kits we enlisted. Because it’s not necessary to find a repairing shop just at the moment you’re in need of it!

Top 5 Windshield Repair Kits Reviews

1. Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit

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Repair any type of chips or cracks on your windshield, even when you’re on the go, with the Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit. Unlike other time-waster kits, it mends the damaged area in a moment. The sophisticated resin formula is what made it more reliable. Its widespread use covers all sorts of laminated windshields. Here the only concerning fact is the crack’s dimension and length. If the fracture on your windshield is round in shape and wider than 1 inch or it’s a long spilt of more than 12”, we recommend considering the different models enlisted in this review instead. It’s not effective on double layered glass, however.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

  • Lessen the crack marks – Applying Rain-X 600001 on the injured spot, you can conceal the bruise to make the windshield look like new.
  • Makes the spot more enduring – This repair kit contains resin which helps the damaged area attain maximum strength and turns it sturdier than earlier.
  • Simple to utilize –While fixing the chips on the windshield, you’ll find it very much handy due to the straightforward application and surprisingly, it’ll get the work done within a few minutes.
  • Useable at multiple spots – This kit has enough resin to fill more than 3 chips; and impedes the crevices or notches from spreading any more.
  • Versatile– Whereas other repair kits are manufactured keeping a certain material in mind, this one can fix blotches made on almost every kind of laminated windshields.
  • Extended lifespan – Even after regular cleansing of the vehicle, the repaired portion remains unaffected and keeps serving very reliably.

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2. Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit

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A number of times, it so happens that you get some damage stars on the windshield, they may not always hamper your visibility at the time of driving, but who doesn’t want to make the glass easy on the eye? To do so, you’ll find Permatex 09103 Windshield Repair Kit next to none. It works nicely on stars as well as 1¼” bullseye. Takes nearly an hour to get fully cured. Best of all, even years after, you won’t be able to detect where the repairing is done. But here’s a thing! You’ll need to mend the windshield crack in one-go, no chance to make any mistake here. Otherwise, your windshield will be left hazier obstructing your view. As a reasonable solution to this problem, we suggest understanding Permatex 09103’s step by step guidance given with pictures.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

Comes with everything required – A simple tube full of resin isn’t enough to fix the damage on your windshield. You’ll also need adhesive disc, curing strip, pedestal, push pin, alcohol towelette, razor blade etc. for completing the repairing successfully. And Permatex 09103 offers all the supplementary along with the 0.025 FL OZ. repair compound, syringe and plunger as a combo pack.

Easy to follow instruction sheet included –DIY windshield repairing can result in a great mess if the doer misses any of the steps during their applying. So, in an attempt to save you from such mishap, the kit encloses comprehensible guidance presented in the form of pictures of how-to-do the entire process.

Repair like a Pro – Hiring a professional for filling that spider crack every time could be an expensive task. On the contrary, by using this repair kit, you can not only reduce 10% of the expenditure but also get a no mixing required solution in order to fill the crack before it spreads more drastically, thanks to the newly redesigned avant-garde delivery system with advanced spring-lock feature.

No external heat required – As the manufacturers suggest, the curing must be done in a shaded area with the windshield’s temperature 50° to 70°, then leave it under direct sunlight for 15 min. In case of cloudy weather, the time may extend up to 60 min.

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3. Glass Polishing Kit for all Types of Glass and Car Windshield Wiper Blade Scratches

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If your windshield got a scratch, you may find the previous two options cold enough to be responsive. That being said, we offer the Glass Polishing Kit as a suitable handler of such circumstances for a couple of reasons. Once you start operating it accompanying an electric drill, every light scrapes on the windshield surface will become invisible. It even clears all sorts of water marks, blotches that used to create due to continuous wiping by the blades. And as far as its application process is concerned, wade through the instructions first, if you don’t want to make DIY repairing expensive because of some wrong step.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

Compatible with electric drill: While fixing the scratch, you’re allowed take a mechanic-like approach by holding an electric drill on your hand. The speed range should be 1500 – 2000 rpm, though.

Versatile: Its multi-purpose use includes polishing over the gentle scratches, strains of water, strong white substance (limestone) and other age-old elements on the windshield.

DIY friendly: Truth to be told, we all aren’t trained greaser and as a complement to the Do It Yourselfers, this polishing kit comes with a thoroughly discussed manual, making it safe and straightforward.

Turns the windshield as clean as a whistle: Wiper blades with torn rubber edges that leaves streaks are really frustrating as well as distracting, and this tool can help you minimize those effects of the scratches in the windshield.

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4. Crack Eraser: Do It Yourself Windshield Chip and Long-Crack Repair Kit. Repair 60 chips and 10 long-cracks

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Scratches in the windshield are pain, especially when they’re long and located in the driver’s line of vision. And if you dramatically live in a place where rain, slush or snow are constant visitors, chances are, wiper blades are worsening the case. We can’t ignore the role played by chips as well. So, if you’re like us and looking for a one-stop solution for all these possible damages, the Crack Eraser: Do It Yourself Windshield Chip and Long-Crack Repair Kit is something you won’t wish to miss. Unlike the other repairing kits that aim at filling not more than 4-5 cracks, this crack eraser provides you with the peace of mind that you’ll be fixing 60 chips and 10 long-cracks with this one-time investment.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

One package fixes a lot: What makes the Crack Eraser desirable is the amount of chips and crack it can deal with. More specifically, you can keep your windshield drop-dead repairing nearly 60 chips and 10 cracks (up to 24″ long).

Relief from the boring manual: Whereas other kits shake off their duty of instructing by providing written instructions, this DIY Windshield Repair Kit encloses a training DVD that gives you a visual guidance about how the equipment work.

Lifetime warranty: Crack Eraser offers lifetime warranty on the recyclable kits. However, you’ll have to purchase resin separately whenever you require.

Necessary gears included: Beside the 1 6cc bottle of chip resin, the package contains everything (Injector, drill bit, suction cups, eraser tool, razor blade and holder, injector and piston O-rings, cure tabs, Dremel drill collet, bulls-eye tapper, needle and adjusting bolts) you need to complete the project.

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5. Professional Windshield Repair Kit: Performs Over 200 Rock Chip Repairs

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Driving down a highway behind a dump truck, a rock came off and hit your windshield. Now, as the circumstance demands, you should visit a professional mechanic within the next couples of hours to prevent further chipping or cracking all the way down the windshield. But if you’re not lucky enough to get a garage or a workshop nearby, the rule of thumb is to add this Professional Windshield Repair Kit in your collection in advance. Combining a lot more than you’ll get from any of the products of our list, this repair kit makes your mending the windshield a snap.

Highlighted Features & Benefits

Mends over 200 rock chips: It can efficiently repair more than 200 rock chips and as numbers don’t lie, it’s a good option to go with. Besides, you can prolong the number of repairs up to thousands, affording the manufacturer’s extender packs.

Comes with the repair bridge: By incorporating the best-selling repair bridge, this Clearshield product leaves the other brands behind, in terms of the easiness of mounting the kit and applying pressure on the resin.

Durable and fast:  In a hurry but can’t ignore the chips that is marring your windshield’s visibility? Designed to serve those “can’t help” moment, this kit will appreciably recondition your glass rapidly and it’s tough enough to withstand the amateur technician’s hasty nature as well.

Reasonably priced: When you value the aesthetic appeal of the windshield and its functionality equally, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t invest on this repair kit. Sure, the price seemingly look expensive, but the matter of fact is that by purchasing the less pricey kits again and again, you’re literally wasting comparatively more bucks.

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Final Words

The chief purpose of having a car is, of course, reaching the destined places safe and faster, and since clear driving vision is inevitable to meet the mainstream functionality, keeping an impaired windshield unattended is something no vehicle owner should appreciate. Even if your car glasses are doing their job without any complain, preserving a windshield repairing kit on your side would be satisfying, so that whenever and in which format your windshield get injured, you can fix the damage by yourself right away. You can also use these kits as a professional car fixer. Turns out, if your windshield has got a scratch or star damage, examine the spot by feeling it with your fingernail in order to cure it immediately. The sooner the better! Bear in mind though, even after curing the spot promptly, the damaging marks may remain visible.

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