How to Choose Windshield Wiper Blades for Your Vehicle


Windshield wiper is a device that keeps your windshield clean and clear during those rainy or snowy days. It is made up of the arm and a wiper blade which is the part that does all the cleaning. Up until recently the two most popular types of blades were framed and frameless models. The ones with the frame are usually a cheaper option and they are rather durable. However, their main disadvantage is that they have a lot of joints and inner parts which needed to keep pressure on the rubber part. So with time all those joints become lose or get frozen in winter and with the less presure the rubber part of the wiper blade doesn’t do a good job anymore.

Frameless wiper blades however don’t have any joints and look like a single part that is attached to the wiper arm at one point. Another advantage of such blades is their forms which uses incoming air to help with tightening the pressure between the rubber part and the window of your car, which improves their performance when driving at higher speeds. Also these windshield wiper blades are usually made keeping in mind make and model of each vehicle and so the curves of the windshield for the best glass coverage possible.

The rubber element of the wiper is also quite important. The cheaper blades will have a simplified rubber which will not last long, especially in winter, however more expensive models feature silicon and special solution that reduces noises and traction when in action. For the best wiper blade for your vehicle please consult with the car owner manual to see exactly what size and type of the windshield wiper blade your vehicle will benefit from the most.

When to replace windshield wipers

The best performance of your windshield wipers mostly depends on the working condition of the wiper blade and its rubber element. Quite often this element gets worn out and needs replacement. You can tell this by visually inspecting the quality of the rubber – you can see that its deformed and broken in certain places. In fact, you can even notice this if your wiper blades leave dirt marks, or make noticeable scraping noise while driving. If your wiper blades have frame, the quality of their performance can be affected by the lose joints within the wiper itself which leads to less pressure between the rubber element and the windshield. Recently however, most driver make a choice towards frameless silicon wiper blades that usually last longer and clean your glass better.

If you figured that your wiper blades need replacement, there are a few choices you can pick. First of all, you can try and repair them yourself by tightening lose joints in the frame, or replacing the rubber element yourself. This option has one disadvantage in that it is always tough to pick correct rubber element for your model and figure out the proper pressure points for the wiper blade. Another option is purchasing full wiper blade at a local auto store and try to replace it yourself. This procedure is usually quite simple and should only take 10 minutes per wiper. However if you don’t have tools or time or don’t want to mess with your car, you can always purchase the wiper blade and bring it to your auto technician who would install it himself (usually for a very low fee).

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