Discount on Tonneau Cover Products


There are many excellent reasons to install a discount tonneau cover on your truck. They will protect your bed and its’ cargo from the elements, and give you better gas mileage by streamlining your wind resistance. And additionally tonneaus look great, making them one of the most popular discount truck accessories you can buy. Whether you drive a chevy, nissan, toyota tacoma, or more there are many styles to choose from. They are easy to install (usually in minutes), so most times a professional installation is not required.

Listed below are our most popular covers.

Gaylords X2000 Platinum Series

The revolutionary design of this fiberglass hard tonneau guarantees that you will never come unhinged. Its patented hinge system opens and closes the lid with approximately half the effort of other tonneaus.

Extang Platinum Classic

This accessory has an all-climate design that is completely adjustable for the coldest of climates. The tarp can be quickly rolled up and secured with the velcro straps. They are the easiest of all the styles to install on your pickup, and feature the most convenient coverage to your bed.

Extang FullTilt

This product was engineered for solid attachment to your truck with no compromise. There is no folding of the cover, and thus no creases or leaks whatsoever. Its’ lightweight design allows for rapid removal. These discount accessories are very user friendly, as they fold up to allow more room for storage then quickly fold back down when done.

BAK RollBak Model

Form, fit, as well as function combine wonderfully in this retractable and durable bed cover. A concealed, tamper-proof locking system keeps your valuables safely out of the way.

Access Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover

This is the same great product as the Access Roll-up Tonneau Cover, but is designed to fit behind an over-the-rail pickup truck toolbox.

Things to Know When Buying Off Raod Truck Accessories

When look for off road truck accessories there are many things to think about before spending your money.

Are you going to be racing, or you need it just recreational purpose? Do you want parts that look as good as they perform, or do you just need top performance regardless of looks? There obviously are a lot of accessories that would work, but you need to find the best tool before clicking the buy button. Hopefully we can get you going in the right direction.

If you are doing some serious off-roading then you need the right parts. Whether it be suspension, exhausts, or anything else you can think of you need to do some research upfront. The easiest way to do this is by browsing what’s available online, and reading some reviews on forums or other popular websites. Truck enthusiasts are usually open about what works and what doesn’t, as they love the off road sport tremendously. One thing to realize though is that just because one person doesn’t like something doesn’t mean you won’t as well. Try to look for trends in overall satisfaction with the parts.

When it comes to buying truck accessories there are many selections, both in terms of manufacturers and types. It is alot of fun putting aftermarket parts on your pickup. You usually get a gain in both looks and performance, for a relatively small price. We love trucks, and are sure you do too. And we usually find a good selection at Stylin’ Concepts. We recommend them because of the large selection and good prices, and their customer service has always been great for us.

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