How to Check if Your Car Struts Need Replacement


Having your chassis and suspension elements in good working condition is what keeps your car stable on the road, making your driving much more comfortable on broken roads or hitting a speed bump or a pothole. It also allows for a better handling of the entire vehicle at a higher speeds. If something is broken however, you will feel a noticeable discomfort while driving and also you car will be tough to handle at a higher speed which makes it dangerous to drive. Car struts are the main elements that make your ride comfortable and safe.

So how do you tell if they are in good condition? There are a few ways to do that yourself. First try pushing your vehicle down at each of the wheels area and let go. The good strut assembly with good shocks should go down fast, and come back up slower. If your car comes back up as quickly as going down, or goes down with an effort, that may be a cause of some damage. Try inspecting the elements visually and look out for oil leaks especially in the strut area behind each wheel.

To test car struts in action, try finding a rough surface somewhere in your area and drive over it trying to hit potholes. Don’t go too fast but not too slow either. Good struts and shocks will not let the car wobble after hitting a pothole. Also in some cases the broken or damaged strut assembly can produce a hard and loud hitting sound which you can feel and hear from inside the vehicle.

If you think that something is wrong with your car struts, you should contact your nearest auto shop for further consultation. It is usually recommended to replace struts rather than fix them.

How to pick rear spoiler for your car

So you’ve decided to make your car look like a formula-1 racing bullet and install a rear spoiler. Here are some tips for you to follow:

Tip #1
First of all, if you have a new car, you need to find out from your dealer if the rear spoiler is possible to get for your make. Keep in mind that if your car is still under manufacturers warranty you can lose it by making modifications yourself. And if you do get it at your official dealer it will not affect the warranty and also apply to the specifications kept in mind for your vehicle.

Tip #2
There are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to spoilers. The generic steel ones can be carbon-made, aluminium and double-aluminium. The blades on the latter ones can be adjusted based on your car specifications. Also there are plenty of spoilers for SUVs and pickup trucks as well. Generic plastic rear spoilers usually differ in sizes. You just have to keep in mind what is the main reason behind getting a spoiler for your car. For example, if you want to protect your rear window from dirt build-up on your SUV, then you should avoid generic ones and get the specific model for your car at the dealership to avoid such issues as fastening, painting and so on.

Tip #3
Avoid buying used rear spoilers, or from a shady online stores that don’t offer any warranties or guarantees. If you’re getting a plastic spoiler, pay attention for hidden defects and air bubbles under paint. Also look at the bending spots of the plastic, it should always be the same thickness. If you see any defects, it’ll mean that this rear spoiler is of a low quality.

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