The 3 Types of Headlight Bulbs


The world of car bulbs has become so congested that everybody seems to get confused. In this article we’ll attempt to demystify the mystery behind car bulbs by narrowing down the confusion to the 3 main types of headlight bulbs.

We hope by the time you are through with this article, you will have decided the best car bulb for your vehicle..

Halogen, HID, or LED: Which is “Best”?

1. Halogen bulbs

The mention of halogen rings bells to nearly every vehicle owner out there. Halogen bulbs have been around for a long time, and are indeed still the most popular option in use.

They are widely used across all makes and models of vehicles. The design of halogen bulbs is simple in that there is a tungsten filament that heats up to produce light when current passes through it. The halogen bulb also contains halogen gas that is used to prevent suit formation on the surface of the bulb.


The halogen bulb is relatively cheap product to produce, hence, its lower price compared to most other bulbs. They are applicable for all manner of uses on a vehicle including headlights. Users can replace the lights with ease when they burn out.


Halogen bulbs are not as bright as most car users would wish. They are also not as long-lasting, compared to HID and LED.

2. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are relatively new compared to Halogen bulbs and xenon HIDs. These types of bulbs consist of diodes, and the diodes turn the current that passes through them into the light.

The process uses the least amount of energy and generates plenty of light. LEDs are commonly used in the interior of vehicles. However, lately LEDs are beginning to be used as headlights through conversion kits. Drivers seem to love the long lifespan of this type of bulbs and the way they light up.


  • Use little energy
  • Last for a long time
  • They are provide a new aesthetic for your vehicle


  • LEDs are not commonly found as headlight bulbs yet
  • You will need an LED conversion kit to use them on the outside as headlights

3. Xenon HID Bulbs

Xenon bulbs use an electric arc placed between two electrons in the bulb. They produce far brighter light because they are filled with the white xenon gas. The LED bulbs are the most popular when it comes to headlight bulbs. Nevertheless, according to sources they do not advise using xenon bulbs for interior lights of your car.

  • Pros
  • Produce brighter light compared to other options
  • Widely available


  • Xenon lights are not suitable for the interior of the car
  • Xenon HIDs are Expensive


With the latest technological developments in the world of car headlight bulbs, there is a good chance that users will, increasingly, see more brands and even types of headlights, but the halogen bulbs seem to have defied time.

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