Why is an LED lightbar a great option?


They are a group of LED lights placed in a bar with a duration or useful life of up to 100,000 hours of use. They are very efficient and very useful for you to place in the utility car or in trucks. They are highly luminous.

Why is an LED lightbar a great option?

The first reason is economic, they are cheaper than halogen headlights, consume less energy and are also more durable. Among all the lighting options, LED lights will always offer you superior quality.

Advantages of using LED lights

This type of lights will offer you lots of advantages, so considering its use can be a great option and a good investment in lots of aspects, here we talk about its advantages:

  • They are ecological.
  • They have a longer life than other lighting options.
  • They do not heat up.
  • They are durable.

Different types of LED

There is all kinds of variety of LED lights, it all depends on the manufacturer, so, when buying, you should be clear about this information so you can select the one that fits you best:

 Epistar :

They are round, low cost and with little light output. The fidelity of the lighting is not so good.


They are easy to identify by their size, they are usually small and square, they are of better quality than the Epistar, even so, they do not provide optimal colors or light outputs.

– Osram:

They have an advanced design, which produces a greater amount of lumens. They are squares with round yellow diode. The light projector is on top of the diode. They have rather cold lighting, but acceptable.

– Philips:

Like the Osram, they are square with round diodes, however, their projection is not so large. They have quality similar to that of the CREE, but better color of light.

Aspects to consider when buying a LED light bar

Before taking one, it is important that you consider a series of elements and aspects that will help you select the most appropriate one for you, before buying it is important that you pay attention to:

– Measure:

This information is important according to the place where it will be located and what you will want it to illuminate.

– Shape:

There are three forms available in the offer, these are square, round and rectangular. According to the form will be the way in which the light is dispersed.

– Beam pattern:

Determine at what point the light will fall and in what quantities, so that it is very crucial, especially if you will place the bar in your car to illuminate the tracks.

– Color:

It is also vitally important because the color LED will depend on the quality of the vision. For example, white can be very bright and blinding, but the amber and red versions illuminate well and are more suitable for common vision.

– Brightness:

This type of lighting is, by nature, bright, you must ensure that it is not blinding because, in most cases, it is used to illuminate roads.

– Waterproof:

Because these bars are used, especially for cars and will be subject to the weather: water and mud, it would be convenient to verify that they are of a really high range and resistant to these elements.

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